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"Mindset, Personality and Skill are the Foundation of Success": A Discussion with Mahan Teymouri

Mahan Teymouri shares his ideas about success and wealth

Published: Oct 11, 2021 06:16:36 PM IST
Updated: Oct 11, 2021 06:32:27 PM IST

"Mindset, Personality and Skill are the Foundation of Success": A Discussion with Mahan Teymouri

Mahan Teymouri, the founder of financial intelligence in the Middle East and the founder of the first business coaching organization in Iran, which to date has trained more than 30 million people in the field of financial intelligence, holds the record for the education industry in the Middle East. The article you are reading is part of his ideas about success and wealth, which were extracted during a series of talks with the news media and interviews.

For most people who know him, Mahan Teymouri is an undisputed master of financial intelligence. But if you listen to him, you will find that he is a hardworking and energetic self-made man who never seems to get tired of being on the path to success. He manages more than ten training holdings these days and has more than 500 employees, directly and indirectly. It has been known as the top entrepreneur in Iran for many years. And now, after a joint Seminars with Darren Hardy and Jack Canfield, he is getting ready for a joint Seminars with Robert Kiyosaki.

I started with minus 100, not zero

The life story of Mahan Teymouri is extraordinary. He started from minus one hundred and has been trying for years to reach only zero points.

"I was born into a very ordinary family in the southernmost point of one of the poorest cities in Iran. Our house was next to the railroad, and I had no idea of wealth. But from childhood, I felt like a special person. Because my father was the only one who had a car in that neighborhood, of course, it was not a high-end car, but it's worth the world to me; my mother was a religious woman, so they had much respect for her, and It was admirable. As a teenager, I tried to make a living by selling Lucky Boxes. It was then that my first perception of wealth came to me. I opened up about making money, and I learned the basics of negotiation and some business, but I should also mention that it was during this period that I immigrated to Tehran, the capital of Iran, and in my brother's office, in a five-meter room. I started life behind the elevator. It was a difficult time. I did not even have a bath. I had to go to the pool for a bath. But he had much experience for me. I learned a lot. In short, I decided to start my own business. And that's when I launched "Peyk-e Ketab."

From "Peyk-e Ketab" to Mahan Teymouri International Holding

Peyk-e Kitab was the first book sales and supply center in Iran where people could buy books without visiting in person. I can boldly say that this was a revolution in the book reading industry. Surprisingly, this business made a good profit for me and was a valuable service to the people of my country. It was at this time that I began to think about pursuing my dreams. The big goal I had was a lecture talk. I wanted to be a business speaker, and it happened very soon. With the help of my sister, who was the first Iranian female speaker in the field of success, I was able to experience the stage very quickly, which helped me have a large audience. It may not be believable to some, but I reached more than a million audiences in a short period. The audience was counting down the minutes to my speech, which made me think of founding the Mahan Teymouri brand and becoming the founder of financial intelligence in the Middle East. Over the years, I have trained more than 30 million people and made more than 2,000 hours of content to people worldwide, and I have had several international seminars with Darren Hardy, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jack Canfield, all of which I am proud of.

Mindset, personality, and skills; the key to human success

"Most people in the world are mentally controlled by the media, governments, and other authorities. Governments try to keep the minds of their people small, and that thinking is thinking that is managed for misery. A few countries are expanding the minds of their people, so I have to say that if there is one real secret to success in the world, it is mind control, but mind control and mind planning to get rich does not just happen. The mind alone cannot do anything, but you have to develop your personality and skills along with the mind; of course, I have to say that in "financial intelligence," I have said many times that a good mindset creates a good personality. Mindset, Being Skillful, and have a good character are the basis for making money-making skills. Most people are influential in one or two of these areas, but they neglect to grow all three together. When I was thinking about internationalization, my whole focus was on being the first person in the world from the very beginning. Being the first person encouraged me to try harder. Darren Hardy, Jack Canfield, and Robert Kiyosaki are some of the great people I co-hosted, and now I'm looking to invite Tony Robbins soon. So, the great mind can be the prelude to considerable changes. "

Three golden lessons for getting rich

The first lesson is to see the opportunities. Our lives are full of possibilities, from financial options to emotional opportunities. The deeper you look at life, the more chances you have to enjoy life. So seize the opportunities as much as you can.

The second lesson is to learn management in life. Management is not something that only happens in your workplace. No, not at all. Management is something you have to know in all aspects of your life, from family management to financial management. So, Please learn management.

Work on your financial attitude. More than 90% of those who do not achieve financial success do not have the right financial attitude. If you change your financial attitude, you can quickly clear your path to a better financial future. Financial attitude is nothing but mentality, personality, and skill. Work on these three, you will surely get rich.

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