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S-Force owner Hannu Siren talks about his statement watch collection

In a candid conversation, Hannu Siren speaks about his business, how his brand stands apart from all and much more.

Published: Dec 9, 2019 04:51:42 PM IST
Updated: Dec 9, 2019 11:09:11 PM IST

S-Force owner Hannu Siren talks about his statement watch collection
Hannu Siren is a young and dynamic entrepreneur who owns S-force, one of the leading companies in the category of statement watches. S-force watches has created the category of Statement Watch and are empowering their bearers with the feeling of strength and power. With deep roots in bodybuilding, MMA, American football and many other sports, they have grabbed the attention of many men and women on a global level. The entrepreneur has a belief that people do not wear watches to tell time but to show their status quo and prove that who they really are. In a candid conversation, the young man speaks about his business, how his brand stands apart from all and much more. 

Excerpts from the conversation with Siren:

Q. How did you come up with the thought of starting a premium luxury watch business? 

A. I’ve always been a guy who loves watches. There’s something about a fine watch that transcends whatever technology is available. The watch you wear says a lot about who you are. If you’re a pragmatic person, you’ll be drawn to functionality and practicality. If you enjoy the look and feel of prestige and luxury, the same feeling you will have while wearing a statement watch. At the initial stage, I sold watches for other brands. The problem was that the watches we carried never really gave me the thought of starting my own business. I always found something that I felt could be done significantly better, whether it was the look or the construction. There was a huge room for improvement, and I knew we could do it better. So, we did.

Q. How long have you been into this business?

A. I’ve been in the watch business for a little over 5 years now. It has been 3 years since I launched my own brand.

S-Force owner Hannu Siren talks about his statement watch collection
Q. How is S-Force unique from any other timepiece brand? What is your USP?

A. Strength has always been the backbone of our watches. Whether it’s utilizing the strongest materials, movement, or style, when we are designing a new watch, we look at what would make our watch the strongest. “Strength Overcomes” is more than just a catchy slogan to us, it is a concept that we live, breathe and apply to our everyday lives. This is what separates my brand from other watch brands. My focus is on the watch itself, what the watch can do for the person wearing it. We know that all of us have the innate ability to overcome obstacles that others around us will declare impossible. We remind them of the strength they already possess, every day, so they can wake up and tackle whatever challenges come in their way.

Q. S-Force is into watches majorly for men. Are you planning to launch watches for women as well?

A. We aren’t just into watches for men. We had a line of women watches that were very well received with ‘SWOLE’ and will be releasing premium S-Force watches for women in the first quarter of 2020.

Q. You released 4 new watches. How is the response so far?

A. It was phenomenal. When we designed the classic collection, we wanted to make sure we harnessed the strength, power, and boldness of other collections in men’s dress watch. This has resonated with our customers that were looking for a watch that satisfies the need for a classy dress watch with the quality and strength they’ve come to expect from us.

Q. You recently rebranded yourself a while back. Any particular reason?

A. We remain proud of the successes we enjoyed as SWOLE O’Clock and are very grateful to the customer base that has been supportive of us from day one. As we grew, we realised that “Strength Overcomes” was a message that extended beyond our circles at that time. We found SWOLE to be limiting our reach. We rebranded to include a broader audience that identified with our core company value, while not alienating anyone that didn’t necessarily feel connected to bodybuilding. We will always work closely with the bodybuilding community, which is obvious by our sponsorship of the People’s Champion Award at Mr. Olympia 2019. The rebranding just made it easier for us to work with other communities like MMA and the NFL.

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