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Spreading her roots in the Literary World – Sunayana Khandelwal

Author Sunayana Khandelwal shares her views at the launch of her debut book — Can You Love This Way?

Published: Oct 13, 2020 12:47:24 AM IST
Updated: Oct 13, 2020 04:51:20 PM IST

Spreading her roots in the Literary World – Sunayana Khandelwal
Q.   So Sunayana, tell us something about yourself?

Sunayana: Well! I work as a Director Development and Programmes with Hotel Solutions India for over ten years now. Whatever I could achieve today is because of Hotel Solutions India and that is because the organisation has not only been rewarding for my efforts but has also been flexible during my journey, and only because of it, I could pursue a full-time job and my passion together.

As far as my hobbies and interests are concerned, I am an Author and a Writer; my first book depicts how sometimes love is perceived by different people. It is based on love stories of three women. 

Spreading her roots in the Literary World – Sunayana Khandelwal
The title of the book is ‘Can You Love This Way?’

The book was published worldwide on 22nd September 2020 and is nominated for the Coimbatore Literary Awards 2020 in the Best Fiction - Romance Category.

Beside this, I am a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Coach. I work towards helping my clients develop understanding towards the viewpoint of others. Usually people misunderstand it by ‘changing them’. But that is not what I do. I just try to help them broaden their perspective and be receptive of how different others can think about the same subject.

I am also researching a topic in Phenomenology, that is ‘The Role of Prayers in Human Life’ - A phenomenon misunderstood by many.

I love reading, especially if its Robin Sharma, Louise Hay, Mitch Albom or John Grey, it is difficult to miss.

I like travelling and have interest in Graphology. I am a spiritual seeker, I follow Ajapa Yog for mindfulness. I am a speaker, a life enthusiast, and a firm believer of ‘Life is Beautiful’.

Q.   What inspired the shift from the hospitality industry to becoming a writer.

Sunayana: I am still a marketing professional in hospitality industry. Now over 10 years and have no plans to shift thus far. But Yes! Writing has been my passion since childhood. I used to write short stories, quotes, and expressions, but finally, I decided to write the book last year. Good news is that I used the lockdown period to my advantage, and I finished my book during this period.

Q.   What is the story about?

Sunayana: ‘Can You Love This Way?’, is the collection of love stories of three women, what is love for them and why they chose a “not so travelled” path in love.

The book emphasis on perspectives of people towards the experiences they had with the most important person in their lives. People generally prefer being at the place that is accepted by the society, very less people has the courage to live life on their own terms. All the three lead characters in the book chose a unique path in their lives, keeping in mind their ‘set of realities’. Not everyone might relate to the choices they made, some of you might not agree with them however for some it might be worth an admiration. Which is ‘Ok’; as love is perceived differently by different people.

The subjects discussed in the book ‘Can You Love This Way?’, are like bigamy, re-marriage, sensitive emotions after divorce, handling rejections, forgive and let go, etc.

I tried to match the emotions and feelings of the lead women in the stories with help of words and imageries... and I hope it reaches to the heart of the readers.   

Q. What is the inspiration behind the book? Your thought process while writing it.

Sunayana: I don’t remember if there was anything which I can call as a source of inspiration, but Yes, I remember one evening, when one of my clients, who was taking NLP session with me came to me with a heavy heart, completely shattered. She just kept saying, “what was my fault, why me”? Being a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, I often talk to people, who share the experiences about their lives, but I noticed that mostly all talk about them and their perceptions only, they had no idea about the viewpoint of the person they were talking about. I had no intentions to judge someone as right or wrong here. The idea was to present the point of view of one person only whom I know, without judging anyone else. Honestly speaking, it is not even the battle of being right or wrong. Because everyone takes the decisions with the best of their abilities and set of realities.

Q.   How is it relevant to in the current time? 

Sunayana: I found to be truly relevant in today’s day and time. Not because these subjects had not been there in the past. But people, especially our youth, who at times, end up taking wrong decisions in their lives the moment they face challenges like break-ups, misunderstandings and rejections. I wanted to make a very simple point through this book and that is what Kaashi, Hunar or Suhanaa chose, might not be a right choice for the one reading the book despite the life and situations look the same, because as a person you are different, your set of realities are different. So, think and decide what is right for you. Not necessary a sacrifice or a tough route is a right choice for you, as you might not be ready for it.

Q.   What after this book? Any plans to writing further?

Sunayana: Yes, I have already started working on my second book. The book is based on the changing epoch of courtesan culture in our country.  

Q.   Where can the readers find your book?

Sunayana: The book is available worldwide on all the leading platforms like, amazon, kindle, kobo, playbook, Flipkart and can be picked from leading Oxford Bookstores too.

Q.   How can one book an NLP session with you in case anyone wants to?

Sunayana: You can send in your details at my website    

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