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Take a look at Intuit's vision of cutting edge innovation

What makes Intuit so special in the tech world? Ruchiraa Sharma went to Bengaluru to find out.

Published: Jun 24, 2022 05:20:28 PM IST
Updated: Jun 24, 2022 05:25:36 PM IST

Take a look at Intuit's vision of cutting edge innovationIn a world brimming with tech giants, Intuit presents a vision of empathetic innovation. The company was founded almost 40 years ago by Scott Cook, when he noticed his wife struggling to do her daily accounts. It has now grown into an institution that stands at number 15 on the list of India’s Best Companies to Work For 2022, besides being rated among the Top 10 Workplaces for Women by the Great Places To Work Institute in 2021.

These recognitions are predicated on an open and facilitative work culture, where innovators are allowed the time and space to create new products, which are used by millions across the world. These qualities were obvious in full when Ruchiraa Sharma paid a visit to the Intuit office in Bengaluru for an edition of ‘TechLife@Intuit – Using technology to unlock financial opportunities for millions’, in association with Moneycontrol, to see how the company’s India operations were living up to the company’s global vision.

At the heart of Intuit’s success has been their ability to bolster their existing range of great products with a tech stack that enhances their interoperability and adaptability. Typically these consist of intertwined ML and AI capabilities, which makes Intuit’s platform truly intuitive. Speaking about the progress made, Saurabh Saxena, India Site Leader and Vice President, Product Development, said, “ Across our platform, we put the power of technology and data on the side of our customers. Our products deliver simple, delightful solutions across the full range of our customers’ financial lives—and we're proud that millions of people around the world turn to Intuit to make the most of their money.”

As Saurabh Saxena explains further, Intuit’ products can detect the customer’s requirements and has even added an element of expert assistance to its ecosystem. The AI-driven expert platform allows customers to ask for expert assistance through its Virtual expert platform, in case of specific problems.

There's clearly no dearth of expertise at Intuit; a fact that the company prides itself on. Its focus on attracting and retaining top tech talent has made Intuit one of the best places to work in India, having been on the list for India's Best Companies to work for more than a decade and more recently also being recognized as #1 among the Best firms in India for Data Scientists to work for - 2022. This is further borne by the fact that Intuit India is home to around 22% of Intuit’s engineering talent, showcasing the strength of its local operations.

When asked how Intuit manages to spot the right people, Jharna Thammaiah K, Director and India Site People & Places Leader, spoke about the company’s internal assessment framework, aptly named ‘Assessing for Awesome’. “Our ‘A4A’ process really helps us make unbiased and quick decisions. Because you have a diverse set of  assessors going through this assessment experience together. And we’re able to debrief and ensure quick closure for the candidates.”

The 1300+ employees who make up Intuit’s Indian operations are some of the brightest and best, consistently leading the way in improving the company’s new age products. A number of great employee-engagement programmes help keep them motivated and sharp - especially the Global Engineering Days (GED), which is 4 days of non-stop coding with no meetings and interruptions, enabling engineers to just focus on building beautiful code. Similarly, the ‘Hacktoberfest’ is an event which brings together Intuit’s engineers to contribute to open code - something which the company’s Indian engineers are quite adept at.

This talented workforce has also benefited greatly from Intuit’s Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) agenda, which has brought pay parity for male and female employees - just another way the company pushes boundaries of progress, helping employees achieve the full potential of their ‘Tech Life @ Intuit’.    

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