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The book for every aspiring entrepreneur ' entrepreneurship essentials by Baljeet Gujral

Baljeet is also a business coach, startup mentor and active public speaker

Published: Dec 15, 2020 10:50:31 AM IST
Updated: Dec 21, 2020 10:11:10 AM IST

The book for every aspiring entrepreneur ' entrepreneurship essentials by Baljeet Gujral
Born in a chawl and raised in a mid-income broken family, Baljeet Gujral is a living example of how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary feats in life. From being a modest Mumbai boy, Baljeet has today become “Dreamer, Do’er, Entrepreneur and Storyteller”, not necessarily in the same order!

He chose to turn his dreams into reality by strengthening his foundation at education and eventually becoming an alumnus of Oxford, IIM & Stanford. Quitting his 6 figure salary in his 20’s, he hung his boots as an Investment Banker in 2012 and began his entrepreneurial journey by launching India’s first adventure lifestyle company called “Enfield Riders” Despite running brick and mortar businesses so far, he raised venture capital for his start-up and successfully scaled his business globally. Since then, this serial entrepreneur has not looked back and has continued to start multiple ventures during his decade long stint in the business world. His last one being the “Bucket List Experiences” which is an experiential travel company helping people create and tick their bucket list.

The book for every aspiring entrepreneur ' entrepreneurship essentials by Baljeet Gujral
Apart from being a seasoned entrepreneur, Baljeet is also a business coach, startup mentor and active public speaker. Having mentored thousands of students through their university’s entrepreneurship cells to coaching hundreds of startups who wanted to begin their journey, Baljeet Gujral has been extremely passionate about contributing to creating business leaders of tomorrow. His true love and extreme indulgence in the business world motivated him to write the book “Entrepreneurship Essentials – What they don’t teach you at Business Schools”.

The book has been receiving endorsements and recommendations from industry stalwarts, the CEO fraternity of the corporate world, Partners at Venture Capital firms and senior professors and lecturers from Ivy league colleges across the globe.

Baljeet Gujral says, “It amazes me to see the sheer talent and potential our country has when it comes to budding entrepreneurs. The sad part is straight out of B-Schools or spending a few years in their corporate jobs, these talented individuals take the plunge at Entrepreneurship without understanding the basics”. He adds, “It's great to see their enthusiasm towards getting a sorted business plan, testing the product-market fit and understanding finances. What most lack is having a grip on the essential attributes that one needs to have to begin their journey at entrepreneurship.”

As per Baljeet Gujral, as an author the takeaway he would like his readers to have from this book is "I hope the book is an inspiration for those who are willing to take the road less travelled and are looking to open doors for themselves to the business world. But before they dive into it, having what it takes will, in some way, make the journey for them less painful and more engaging. The tools and frameworks in this book will meet the reader’s expectations, more so when seen from the lens of someone who doesn’t come with any preconceived notions on what entrepreneurship really is”.

The most intriguing part of the book is the subtitle which describes, “What they don’t teach at Business Schools.” When questioned about how he stumbled upon this idea of subtitle, Baljeet said, “What most people learn at business schools is how to make business plans, how to handle sales and marketing, how to manage finances etc. But no business school teaches you what are the pillars and foundations that an entrepreneur should focus upon beyond these terms. Through my journey of building businesses and successfully scaling them – I realised the importance of Mindset, Passion, Grit, Willpower, Hustle, Daring, Leadership, Network, Failure and Purpose. These attributes became the building blocks and inspiration for me to write this book”.

To make more sense about why these attributes immensely matter, the book also highlights the valuable experiences of 17 other seasoned founders who Baljeet met during the Seed Transformation Program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. These business owners have shared their views and thoughts on the topics covered in each chapter. Through their entrepreneurial journeys, they give insights into the world of entrepreneurship and the role these attributes play in the larger scheme of things.

The content in this book will put forth some very interesting questions and challenges based on your understanding of what the actual foundation and building blocks are that one needs, to begin their journey of entrepreneurship.

If you have decided to take a shot at entrepreneurship or are interested in understanding what goes behind the making of an entrepreneur, this book is the right choice for you.

Although the book is a great resource for getting a headstart into the world of entrepreneurship, Baljeet also wanted to build a real time engagement that his audience can experience beyond that. He has designed an Online course called "Basics of Entrepreneurship" which gives people an introduction to the entrepreneurial journey from finding an idea, to gaining traction in the marketplace and finally raising capital for their venture. The course explains how entrepreneurs run structured experiments to validate ideas and refine business strategy. The modules of the course help them dive deep into the numbers behind how entrepreneurs and their investors make financial decisions to create value and grow their operations.

Baljeet has been covered as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in India when he got featured in CNBC Young Turks and Bloomberg Rising Stars. He says “Success is a state of mind. I was never an outstanding student or excelled in studies. In fact, I barely could get through my engineering in 4 years with second class. But what kept me going was my focussed approach of making a mark for myself by overcoming mediocrity. Whether it was my academic qualifications or professional accolades, nothing ever got to my head and I believed in creating my own benchmarks and being my own competition. No success or no failure ever put me to a pedestal or held me back. What drives me is my passion towards my goals and the hunger to be a better individual and having a bigger purpose in life.”

For all those enterprising and budding entrepreneurs, order your book copy now. You can read more about him on

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