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The importance of clean water for sustainable world

Ryuki Engineering Inc. plays within the global framework for the improvement of water environment in our society

Published: Sep 18, 2020 11:56:57 AM IST
Updated: Sep 18, 2020 06:02:46 PM IST

The importance of clean water for sustainable world
In this Month of world water monitoring day, 18th September also known as WWMD, a month long international effort aimed to increase public awareness, companies and organizations across the globe are working towards building of awareness and involvement in protecting water resources across the globe.

The month is set for people of all ages to participate in monitoring the condition of local rivers, streams and other water bodies ultimately encouraging participants to be more conscious of common indicators of water health. 

Throughout the month, events that recognize the effort of “Monitoring water quality” set by United Nations environment program as well as SDGs 6th “clean water and sanitation” and other goals are organized in communities and organization.

Introducing Initiative Across The Globe

In this occasion we have had the privilege of exploring initiative by Ryuki Engineering Inc. While the company provides solution across multiple variety of sectors, it’s also well-known globally as an engineering based manufacturer which specializes in environmental improvement equipment using fluid technologies such as air and water. 

The acceleration of the company’s global operation may be seen in the driven leadership by the young CEO. Meet Tsukasa Nishimura, Director of Ryuki Engineering Inc. While Tsukasa’s enthusiasm could be seen in multiple media outlet it is his recent story around fighting against cancer that separates him and the company’s global initiatives from other global market leaders. Joining Ryuki Engineering Inc. in 1997 after working at a logistics, Tsukasa launches overseas division within the company personally contributing to substantial growth resulting to his promotion and current role as a Director at Ryuki Engineering Inc.

Being captivated by the company leadership and initiative we explore the role Ryuki Engineering Inc. plays within the global framework for the improvement of water environment in our society.  

The Shared Value Approach 

“Ryuki Engineering Inc. is a rare CSV: Creating Shared Value - business,  that is contributing to global society through its business development. The improvement in our business performance directly relate to the success of our social contribution. “

Shares Tsukasa.

Many of other types of initiatives such as reducing health risks by proposing solutions related to asbestos, radioactivity, dioxin, PM2.5, reducing the number of cases of tunnel pneumoconiosis by 1/100, the company participate as a member of “fine particles law” formulation committee member, expert associate of the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, director of the Tunnel Association, chairman of the Construction Machinery Association subcommittee. The company aims to continue its involvement under those multiple role as to contribute to bettering of our global environment.

“At the end, as the final stage of maximizing the effectiveness of the filter application technologies that we have cultivated so far, we have set the goal of early completion and promoting of "CO2 capture and processing equipment" in order to contribute to global warming countermeasures, which is one of the biggest challenges for the planet of earth.” Answers Tsukasa when asked what future lies ahead for Ryuki Engineering Inc.

Closing The Gap For Clean Water 

The remarkable growth in the water sector is expected in near future and it is said that the available water resources on earth are 10,000 km3 of fresh water.  Although United Nations SDG: Sustainable Development Goals, also states the effective use of water resources, currently most of the quality removal for water treatment processes that enable clean water out of sewage, industrial water, as well as water pollution prevention are done by flocculation/floating.

By applying the companies advanced solutions that combines with RO added to the company's original water reclamation equipment such as neutralization, decolorization, sterilization, COD/BOD reduction measures, and  not only contribute to innovative improvements. And this could also be applied as to improve multiple segments such as agriculture, aquaculture, Various fields such as food processing, decentralized small-scale water supply facility (RO pretreatment), replacement of MBR for sewage, energy saving, sludge concentration, water jet construction, removal and collection of hardly decomposable substances, rare earth mud, and emergency water supply . 

One Water Source 

It is a fact that we live in a connected world enabled by information technology. However as water surrounds 71% of our planet, this shows another layer that connects all living being on our planet. In this Month of world water monitoring day, carrying a sense of togetherness for the improvement of our surrounding water and its health may be the key to resulting a healthy balance and ultimately a more sustainable future ahead. 

Companies like Ryuki engineering Inc. driven by its social impact inspired core value and driven leader may inspire current and future generation ahead hopefully across wide variety of sectors.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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