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The story of quality constructors with gold standard in ethics

Published: Nov 1, 2019 11:46:59 AM IST
Updated: Nov 4, 2019 06:02:26 PM IST

The story of quality constructors with gold standard in ethics
On entering the recently opened office of Anandghan Ventures, you are greeted by a visual treat. The careful positioning of teams and functions and design elements meet the eye and each of these reflects and reinforces the culture, brand and core values of the company. Established 40 years ago, Anandghan Ventures started as a quintessential construction family business. Ajoy Jhunjhunwala, the present-day Chairman of the company joined his father, the late G.S. Jhunjhunwala in 1987. He has been at the forefront of what turned out to be a journey of evolution paving the way for the current management, comprising his daughter, Swati Jhunjhunwala and son-in-law Praphul Pallaw.

The company, currently headquartered in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has earned a lot of recognition over the last few years. It has completed over 60 lac. sq. ft. of construction area in various verticals, such as aesidential projects, commercial projects, educational institutions, industrial projects and hospital projects all over the country and in Nepal.

Over the years, Anandghan Ventures triumphed in the construction sphere and also kept its core values intact. It has been targeting turnkey projects and delivered quality work in the promised time frame. The company has been very stringent about the values that it grew up with and never entertained sub-quality practices.

Anandghan Ventures is synonymous with quality and timely delivery for its clients. Praphul Pallaw, a qualified civil engineer, comes with a plethora of knowledge to add to his technical expertise. He leads a team of trained and experienced supervisors and ensures that the day-today planning and execution is done fittingly. He has brought to the company a corporate working culture and introduced practices such as documented quality checks for each stage of work completion.

Swati Jhunjhunwala, CFA (US) by qualification, joined the business after having briefly worked with ICRA Rating Agency. In no time, she completely took over the financial management of the business but only after she spent enough time thoroughly understanding the business and its core. She aces managing site work as well as she does with the finances.

When Anandghan Ventures shifted its focus to school and hospital projects, from the then booming real estate sector, the move was condemned by many in the industry. However, this futuristic decision has helped the company to seamlessly take on projects despite the ongoing industrial slump faced by the real estate sector. The construction industry has been a volatile place with many companies facing a constant struggle in paying off vendors or contractors on time.

The story of quality constructors with gold standard in ethics
The directors at Anandghan, however, have a clear agenda to maintain simplicity with partner vendors and always pay according to pre-decided terms. They have also looped in budding entrepreneurs and sub-contractors to involve fresh talent and give people a chance to grow with the company. Because there is a team of leaders with an assertive attitude towards servicing, they provide inputs to client over and above their scope of work. This has led to their clients being greatly contingent on them for both contemplation and execution. ‘Safety Comes First’ at the site, hence the company has established very strict safety protocols and these are discussed during safety meetings every morning.

The company abhors child labour and also ensures that the work site is an accident-free zone. This attitude and oneness with workers has brought it a long way in building trust within and outside the organisation. Anandghan Ventures goes the extra mile to satisfy clients and offers building rectification treatment at no cost, until the following monsoon after project handover.

This has been a practice since the inception of the company and going a step further, it offers an AMC facility with minimum charges, which covers every aspect of building maintenance. The company and its management firmly believe in the advantages of technology. They try to actively integrate technology within its working, be it use of application for site labour and management or use of an internal billing software designed specially to cater to its billing needs. The company is now working to launch an application which will provide the clients with an interface where they can access all project-related information.

In the era of specialisation, the company has now come up with 360-degree solutions for investors who want to earn while also serving society with great infrastructure. The company, in association with industry experts and a team of architects that help conceptualise hospitals and schools, offers maximum benefit for investments. This is an important step towards making the company futuristic, given the brand has undergone a complete revamp from its customary inception.

Their story is inspirational for every business which starts out with its values at its core and also copes with changing client dynamics.

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