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This World Earth Day, Bisleri lives up to its 'Greener Promise' to build a greener future

Bisleri International's campaign 'Bisleri Greener Promise' is helping the company make significant strides in sustainable development and demonstrating the power of corporate social responsibility

Published: Apr 22, 2023 08:13:34 AM IST
Updated: Apr 22, 2023 09:30:40 AM IST

Corporates across India are beginning to find ways to combine innovation and scale in order to meet their sustainable development goals. A perfect illustration of this trend is Bisleri International's 'Bisleri Greener Promise' campaign, which seeks to reshape the value chain by conserving water and creating a plastic circular economy. Through the process, it has spread awareness and become one of the first consumer goods company in India to become plastic-neutral and water-positive

Through the 'Bisleri Greener Promise' campaign, the organization has taken the lead in upcycling used plastic into apparels, school bags, benches, amongst other articles of daily use. Although the company obviates the need for new plastic materials, it has undertaken plastic upcycling programs to benefit the environment. Further, Bisleri International's initiatives empower the local community by providing them with new economic opportunities. The 'Bisleri Greener Promise' campaign has also enabled water conservation through rainwater harvesting, which has made the organization water-positive. It has managed to do this by building check dams and creating a rainwater harvesting infrastructure.

Bisleri International has shown what is possible when large corporations commit themselves to building a greener future. "We recognize sustainability as an ongoing journey. We are committed to improving our practices by embracing innovations as part of the Bisleri Greener Promise to create a better world", says Angelo George, Chief Executive Officer, Bisleri International.

The strength of purpose is reflected in the campaign video – Bisleri Greener Promise.,

Bisleri International hopes to make sustainability fundamental to its business operations by guiding its strategic partnerships and innovative practices toward that goal. It hopes to devise new ways to deal with industrial plastic pollution and embed new water conservation practices in our lives. And just like the blue bird depicted as the Sutradhar of the campaign, these small and profound changes will bear witness to the rise of happy and self-sufficient communities across the nation.   

Watch the full 'Greener Promise' digital video here.

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