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'Tok' of the Town

With EduTok, short-form video app TikTok has evolved by foraying into the field of education and knowledge, harnessing the power of its mass reach to inspire people and help them lead more meaningful lives

Published: Oct 4, 2019 05:19:51 PM IST
Updated: Oct 7, 2019 12:01:42 PM IST

'Tok' of the Town

Originally viewed as a platform to showcase creativity and talent, TikTok intends to move a step ahead and boost India’s creative economy by empowering its audience through diverse and useful content. Through EduTok, TikTok creators share their experiences, knowledge, struggles and success stories, inspiring others to bring about a positive change in their lives and society. It also helps connect communities across the country through digital literacy and aids in skills development.

The EduTok initiative is especially beneficial to independent educational content creators, professional content production agencies, commercial partners, educational NGOs and institutions. Through EduTok, content creators can cultivate a positive image through socially-relevant messages. Creators can also increase their visibility and reach through educational content, and liaison with brand partners to  boost monetary rewards. TikTok also extends support to creators in form of workshops as well as live-stream and traffic boosts.

Meet the Torchbearers

Geet: @Geet on TikTok
Engineer, Lawyer, Social Worker, Motivational Speaker, Actress

“TikTok gives me a platform to reach hundreds and thousands of people to spread the message of hope, positivity and love”

Growing up in the US, Geet’s life took a fateful turn when she was just 10 years old. A car accident left her crippled, and since then, Geet is bound to a wheelchair. Undeterred, Geet completed her BTech degree and then went on to study law. She worked for leading law firms in the US and also volunteered for social work. Yet, she always felt a desire to make a positive change. That brought Geet to India, leaving behind a promising career in the US. Today, Geet runs a small NGO in Delhi to educate, motivate and counsel children in slums and at-risk youth and adults. She also helps youth detained in jails to have a positive attitude in life.

Geet has two channels on TikTok, one for motivation and the other to teach American English. EduTok has empowered Geet to inspire, educate and help people grow. Since she joined EduTok, Geet has increased her social media fan-following more than twice with nearly 5.5 mn followers on Facebook,
Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. On TikTok alone, Geet has a combined following of 6.5 mn.

Dr. Animesh: @Dr Animesh MS
Doctor, Health Practioner

“EduTok has made my videos go viral, not only in India but across the globe”

Dr Animesh, a practicing doctor running his own health centre in Delhi, Varanasi and Ballia, completed MBBS from Safdarjung Hospital and MS from Dr RML Hospital. Dr Animesh creates videos on various social media platforms to clear myths and doubts related to health, and to create awareness about fake health-related information, widely circulated over the internet. Through EduTok, the doctor has been able to reach out to people in far-off villages and provide valuable advice. His viewership extends not only within India but across the globe. Dr. Animesh believes that social media has helped him turn into a celebrity doctor.

Gunjan Shouts: @Gunjan Taneja
Senior Management Executive, Fitness Coach & Influencer

“EduTok has not just helped me to reach out to the outer world but it has also made me
realize my inner potential which I can use to motivate, influence and direct people to follow
a fit and healthy lifestyle.”

While grappling with weight issues, Gunjan Taneja found a mentor in a friend, who helped him in his transformational journey from fat to fit. Today, Gunjan has himself turned into a coach to millions of people struggling with weight-loss. He uses EduTok to post short videos on health and fitness – from functioning of the body to desi food substitutes and simple workouts that can be done through the day. Through EduTok, Gunjan has been able to connect with people and empower them with proper information on health and fitness related issues.

Awal Maddan: @Awal Creations
Marketing & Advertising Executive, English-language Coach & Expert

“EduTok has helped me reach the remotest areas of the country. Awal, today, is now a popular name among online English language learners”

Millions of Hindi-speaking people are living their dream of learning English through Awal’s spoken English lessons on TikTok. Awal explains complex concepts of English language in easy and interesting manner through Hindi. His unique and amusing way of teaching has made him the top education content creator on TikTok, with over 5 mn followers, which include not just students but also sales-staff, self-employed individuals, etc.

On a meaningful mission
After winning millions of hearts across age groups and classes, TikTok has evolved by foraying into the field of education and knowledge. Harnessing the power of its mass reach, the short-form video app aims to inspire and motivate people through user-generated content, helping them lead better and more meaningful lives.

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