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Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter on the go

Published: Mar 26, 2019 06:34:55 AM IST
Updated: Mar 27, 2019 01:51:12 PM IST

Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter on the go
Step a few decades back. A time when globalization spurred on a booming market for business travel. Ushering in a new era. Of the jetsetters. India is no less guilty of the cause. It presently harbors the world’s 3rd largest business travel market after China and Japan. A market slated to expand threefold until 2030.
So, what are the odds that the upcoming globetrotters of the nation will be on a constant lookout for more travel-friendly fashion pieces? And still several could resent being forced to wear mundane suits only because they feel more functionally suitable? Some could feel evermore helpless to succumb to creases or discomfort rendered by a faulty fit of the garment.

This summer. The pioneer of omni-channel custom menswear in India. CREYATE. Answers the traveler’s impulse. With key performance pieces. Of travel essentials. For the Jetsetters. On the move.

Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter on the go
CREYATE’s SS’19 entrées bring forth proactive summer formals, ranging from stretch suits, quick-dry shirts, linen waistcoats to UV-resistant and water-repellent trousers. Dovetailed with rich, printed linings and customized, contrast turn-up cuffs.

From open-weave blazers that keep him aerated to lightweight, bi-stretch trousers setting the office-goer on his toes, the man on the move could ask for any convenience and these motion maestros have it all. The collection also features fuss-free quick-dry shirts. That absorb sweat fast enough to keep the wearer refreshed through 9 to 5. And beyond.

Crafted in a relatively light palette of summer-friendly shades, the array revives nautical stripes, delves into the dynamic realm of checks and even skims through an interesting range of office-ready microprints. The fil coupe shirt range houses some of the trendiest pieces from the collection for the individualist who prefers to stand out in the crowd.

Connoisseurs with an eye for detail. Can envision their masterpieces in the making. At CREYATE’s experience-led stores or websites. With 3D customization engine. That maps their choices on CREYATE’s exclusive interface and translates it to a precise blueprint of their custom pieces, with the client’s scientific measurements and body observations. The brand currently has 8 concept stores across India, 4 PoS (Point of Sales) in retail outlets of The Arvind Store, and 50 PoS across Japan.
Powered by Arvind Fashion Brands, CREYATE offers tech-spoke personalization of premium and luxury clothing. With globally curated fabrics, trims and accents, CREYATE offers 1 million+ unique permutations & combinations for customization. Hence, each garment crafted at CREYATE is as exclusive as one’s fingerprint. In style and fit. Aided by a Japanese-trained luxury concierge service and an automated backend, CREYATE brings ‘factory at your fingertips’.

The brand’s latest airborne inspired collection brings the best amalgamation of form, function and fashion. Whether one is veering from business meetings to power lunches or is out lounging, these ultra-comfort summer pieces have been upgraded to move as his second skin. In short, a wholesome solution to the traveling gent’s packing conundrum.

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