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Unveiling success at the HSBC Golf League: Delhi's regional round 2024

Delhi's Regional Round 2024 witnessed the convergence of corporate prowess and golfing finesse as industry leaders and enthusiasts united, unveiling a saga of triumph on the greens

Published: Jan 15, 2024 04:36:11 PM IST
Updated: Jan 18, 2024 11:32:47 AM IST

On the crisp afternoon of January 7th, 2024, the prestigious HSBC Golf League kicked off its first regional round in Delhi at the opulent “ITC Grand Bharat, Delhi NCR - a LEED Platinum all-suite luxury retreat,” marking the initiation of a spirited corporate sporting journey. Amidst the lush greens of the Classic Golf and Country Club Golf Course, industry leaders and avid golf enthusiasts gathered to celebrate not just a game but an embodiment of teamwork, strategy, and camaraderie.

A Star-Studded Gathering

Forging Connections Beyond the Greens

The air at the prestigious HSBC Golf League's Regional Round in Delhi was charged with a unique blend of corporate flair and sporting excellence.

The HSBC Golf League's inaugural round started with a vibrant gathering of business leaders, industrialists, and enthusiasts, setting the stage for a dynamic blend of corporate prowess and sporting passion.

The event showcased the prowess of golf enthusiasts Navnit Singh, Chairman and MD of Korn Ferry, and Vidya Basarkod, Managing Director of Ramboll India. It also helped gain profound insights from industry leaders such as Ranganath Ananth, Head of Distribution at HSBC India for Retail Bank and Wealth Management, and Nikhil Singhal, Executive Director and National Manager of Global Private Banking at HSBC India.

The distinguished lineup extended to include Arkaprava Ray, Head of Marketing Strategy, Brand Partnerships, IP, and Sponsorships at HSBC India, and Dhruv Verma, the innovative Founder and CEO of Thriwe. Adding a dynamic dimension to the discussions, Vishesh C Chandiok, the CEO of GT India(Grant Thornton Bharat LLP), shared his perspectives, creating an engaging tapestry of discussions that explored the fascinating intersection of business and sports.

Navnit Singh and Vidya Basarkod: A Glimpse into Corporate Perspectives

Corporate Titans Share Insights at the HSBC Golf League

In an exclusive conversation(Walk the Talk) during the HSBC Golf League's first regional round in Delhi, Navnit Singh and Vidya Basarkod provided a unique perspective on the intersection of business and sports, particularly their shared enthusiasm for golf.

Navnit Singh and Vidya Basarkod reflected on their extensive experience as avid golf players and expressed delight at commencing the year with such a prestigious event.

Beyond their strategic roles, both leaders emphasized the significance of the league in fostering camaraderie and networking among diverse individuals in the corporate domain. Singh and Basarkod shared their optimistic views on the growth of golf in India, highlighting its impact on promoting the sport as a lifestyle.

They wished all participants success and emphasized the importance of work-life balance with golf at its core.

Vishesh Chandiok: A Visionary Leader in Focus

Teeing off Success in Corporate Sportsmanship and Networking

In the dynamic world of business leadership, the ceremonial tee shot symbolizes the initiation of significant projects for Chandiok. His reflections draw parallels between success in the boardroom and on the golf course, emphasizing the delicate balance of practice and performance.

Chandiok sees golf as a teacher of life skills, instilling trust, integrity, practice, and concentration. Participating in the HSBC Golf League is more than leisure for him; it's an inspiration merging sports and business, fostering cohesion and camaraderie across professionals of all ages and genders.

According to Chandiok, the league provides a platform for fun, networking, and learning, reflecting the unpredictable nature of golf and the business world.

Ranganath Ananth - Head Distribution at HSBC India, Retail Bank, and Wealth Management

Exploring the Intersection of Business and Golf

Mr. Ranganath Ananth shares insights into the vibrant dynamics of the HSBC Golf League, emphasizing its role in connecting the banking and golfing communities. Reflecting on the second season, he highlights the challenge of making banking engaging for golf enthusiasts and acknowledges the tournament's success.

Ananth's personal golfing experience adds excitement, emphasizing the joy of playing alongside fellow enthusiasts, creating meaningful engagements and memorable experiences for customers and industry professionals.

Nikhil Singhal - Executive Director & National Manager-Global Private Banking, HSBC India

Strategic Networking on the Golf Course

Nikhil Singhal reflects on the HSBC Golf League, blending corporate engagement with golf camaraderie despite the chill. He applauds HSBC's investment, emphasizing golf's role in revealing character and fostering networking. HSBC India aims to democratize golf, investing comprehensively in courses and coaching.

Looking ahead, Singhal foresees remarkable growth driven by overwhelming interest, with HSBC India committed to nurturing talent and relationships, harmoniously blending corporate engagement and a vibrant golfing community.

HSBC Golf League's First Regional Round

Delhi Greens Witness an Epic Golf Battle

As the golfing event unfolded, enthusiasts showcased skill, precision, and a profound love for the game. Amidst the fairways, participants demonstrated months of dedicated preparation, aiming for victory in this thrilling golf extravaganza.

From ceremonial tee shots to final putts, each swing mirrored their commitment, resilience, and the true sportsmanship that defines the spirit of golf, undeterred by the chilly weather.

As the tournament progressed, each game added excitement, with every player bringing their unique style and strategy to the course.

With the Delhi regional round serving as the launchpad, the HSBC Golf League's second season promised to be even more exhilarating. The response from participants, with the registration slots booked, spoke volumes about the growing enthusiasm for this event.

Arjuna Awardee Diksha Dagar, a prominent figure in golf, showcased her skills and clinched a prize, further adding to the event's prestige.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Delhi's inaugural HSBC Golf League regional round concluded in a spectacular evening ceremony. The winners received goodies and cash prizes.

Industry leaders and golf enthusiasts gathered for an evening of celebration and camaraderie. Discussions on industry intricacies and strategic insights buzzed over elegant cocktails, evolving into a delightful dinner at 7 pm.

A blend of triumph, networking, and enjoyment. This evening left a lasting impression, marking the start of more exciting golf events ahead!

Road to the Finale in Pune

The winner of Delhi's first round advances to the grand finale set to unfold in Pune. Stay tuned for the thrilling journey ahead, as the excitement promises to reach new heights!

Upcoming Round in Bangalore

As the golfing extravaganza continues, gear up for the next round scheduled in Bangalore at "Prestige Golfshire Club." Expect another exhilarating display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

Parting Thoughts

Departing Delhi's Golf League Regional Round with Enthusiasm

Delhi's first HSBC Golf League regional round concludes, leaving players with a sense of achievement. This marks the league's inception, creating memories of passion, strategic competition, and anticipation for future golfing excitement.

The event unveils industry leaders' passion for golf, revealing resilience and visionary leadership stories. The HSBC Golf League transcends a typical sporting event, evolving into a tapestry uniting business and sportsmanship.

The Golf League app users can now look forward to exclusive benefits as the second season unfolds, showcasing a continuous dedication to elevating the golfing experience through the fusion of technological advancements and excellence.

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