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Varghese Moolan Group's mastery at business expansion: Insights from the scion Vijay Moolan

Leverages Varghese Moolan Group's acuity to augment family business

Published: Dec 15, 2023 02:43:14 PM IST
Updated: Dec 20, 2023 02:22:16 PM IST

Varghese Moolan Group's mastery at business expansion: Insights from the scion Vijay MoolanThe business world is changing every minute. Old companies are getting displaced with a new one, taking the charge. In this crazy world you can't afford to lose or get on the wrong track. One such firm which has hobnobbed its way into solvent sectors in a brisk span is Varghese Moolan Group headed by Dr. Varghese Moolan.

A highly successful self-made industrialist, businessman, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, globe trotter Dr. Varghese Moolan is a multifaceted personality, whose life is as intriguing as it is inspiring. With zest to be equipped and apply heterogeneity to his firm, he hauled diversification by having his son Vijay Moolan step up, paving way for myriad experiments and exploring remunerative sectors.

Vijay the scion was born in Kochi. After completing his initial schooling from Middle East, he went to USA for high school and further studies. He graduated in engineering from Western Michigan University and later pursued MBA in Marketing from UK. Following which, he held the baton of Varghese Moolan Group in 2010.

A formal role was carved for Vijay within the firm which bolstered their confidence to diversify into belts that held prospective avail. Varghese Moolan Group had until then rooted itself in manufacture and export of spices, retail chain and organic farming. The company had its heel dug deep for 38 years in its identified field. With offices around the globe, the firm reeks credibility for its international export circuit reaching 5 continents.

Thirteen years later the firm has spiralled upward by appraising into precincts like real estate, logistics, textiles, Ecommerce, mens grooming, film production, gold & diamonds along with petrochemicals and hospitality in the pipeline.

Most recently their media division - Varghese Moolan Pictures produced the film Rocketry - The Nambi Effect, together with Tricolour Films which triumphed commercially and garnered critical acclaim. Their film also went on to win the highest recognition a film can win, the prestigious 69th National Film Award for the best film category. Up next Varghese Moolan Pictures has a mega canvas film under pre-production depicting the story of G.D Naidu set in the pre independence era starring R. Madhavan.

With a firm hold on the foundation laid by Dr. Varghese Moolan, Vijay Moolan catapulted the company to distinct quarters with his innate grasp. His exposure and inculcation from the west, the companies’ vision and acumen to access the right prospect at the right time has helped them reap mileage within the decade. Vijay Moolan attributes their various coup to his parents Dr. Varghese Moolan and Mrs Margaret. Likewise, he is also grateful to his wife Kashmeera for her steadfast support. Along with it he accredits the blessing ushered upon them through the works of their CSR division Varghese Moolan Foundation which has successfully conducted 260 heart surgeries for kids besides the several other charitable initiatives undertaken over the years. The firms core emulated Varghese Moolan Group’s ethics which helped them establish itself as one of South India’s finest company by value for the future.

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