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Vibez Estates stepping ahead to Green Planet' a smart Agro-Realty investment opportunity for you

Founder Ashwin Kumar and Co-Founder Vijayalakshmi Urs, Vibez Estates, Bangalore

Published: Jul 30, 2021 05:12:36 PM IST
Updated: Jul 30, 2021 07:02:42 PM IST

Vibez Estates stepping ahead to Green Planet' a smart Agro-Realty investment opportunity for you

Vibez Estates is one of the leading businesses today that are predominantly focused on promoting agro-realty investment plans among the people. Since the beginning of the idea, Mr. Ashwin Kumar& Co-founder Vijayalakshmi Urs has been dedicatedly working to provide a smart plan for people in search of farmland or farmhouses. Most of their projects are based in areas that are expected to see higher appreciation in the coming years. Apart from promoting the idea of green plantations and eco-friendly investments, Vibez Estates has also envisioned the beauty in nature. All their projects are developed and designed keeping in mind the needs of people. Since the inception of the idea, the business has been focused on Coffee Estates, teak and pomegranate plantations. Most of these projects are located at Sakleshpur, Chikmangalur and on the outskirts of North Bangalore.

In the times of digital investment, Vibez Estates is focused on promoting the old good green investment and has been becoming quite popular. The idea of providing people with economical investment plans with good tax free returns seems to be working really well for this self-funded project of Mr. Ashwin Kumarand Co-founder Vijayalakshmi Urs. Imagine owning a farmhouse for your fun and leisure and farmland that is continuously providing you returns, wouldn’t you be interested in it?

Of course yes! Most people step down from the idea of investing in farmlands because of a lack of knowledge about farming. This is where Mr. Ashwin stood out. He, along with providing the farmland and farmhouse to people also has a team of well-trained and experienced farmers who help you maintain the farmland and keep it cultivated for a good return.

All this is quite economical and therefore, has become a great success. The main goal of the company is to promote green plantation and with this vision, they are now initiating a new 200 acres teak plantation project. The main focus of the company revolves around Agroforestry and growing more trees. When asked Mr. Ashwin about why he started this business, he said very politely - It is my way of giving back to nature. He seemed to be very confident about his work and the motto holding this idea high. Adding on Co-founder Vijayalakshmi Urs also pointed out how real estate is becoming a booming industry and how it is the right time for one to invest in one. Their hard work has been noticed and they received the Times Business Award 2020 and the Best Farm Land Project of The Year 2020.

Right From The Founder
On asking about the vision he had for this project moving forward, Mr. Ashwin said that one thing that I am clear about is rural development. With my idea and project, I wish to help develop the rural areas by helping more and more people invest in Agro-realty. I and my team have always been determined to provide the best services and offer to our partners. We believe in mutual benefits and therefore, have structured the business in that way. Our ultimate goal with Vibez Estates right from 2009 till date is to promote the idea of farming and improve the overall quality of natural balance.

While discussing his journey he elaborated on how this business started in 2009 with just a small coffee estate in Chikmagalur and now has spread to wider areas. He also mentioned how the maintenance services he provides attracted more and more people towards Vibez Estates.

Overall, we can say that this is the project of today for the better tomorrow. If you too are looking to invest in smart agro-realty and give back to mother nature for all that she has given us. It is time you go with Vibez Estates. We are sure you will love the idea and will enjoy the returns promised to you like many people today do. Own a farmhouse while reaping the fruits of your investment on the farmland.

Website Link:  https://vibezestates.com

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