Young stock market experts Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela share their journey

The Goela brothers have been running a successful YouTube channel, recorded a series of innumerable training videos to demystify the complicated Markets

Published: Sep 23, 2020 03:37:10 PM IST

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Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela and their team are a group of diligent, ambitious and passionate young men, who have done pioneering work in the field of online stock market e-learning education under the name of ‘Goela School of Finance LLP’ (GSF LLP) and so far, have educated more than 7000 people.

Since 2014, they observed and discovered the common mistakes traders and investors made and why they lost money. Accordingly they have developed a successful system for selection of quality stocks and to time the trades for enhanced profitability , this program is called ISMA (Irresistible Stock Market Architecture Program), which is a  comprehensive mentorship and training program in stock markets for Technical and Fundamental analysis, and Behavioural finance. The course highlights the need for a proper mindset and method.

The Goela brothers have been running a successful YouTube channel, recorded a series of innumerable training videos to demystify the complicated Markets.

Harsh Goela, Co-founder of GSF LLP, MBA in Banking & Finance, has also done multiple courses from well-known Gurus. His passion and commitment to spreading knowledge about the way Markets function, is commendable. At an early age of 24 in 2016, he is a Public Speaker and has delivered with two TEDx talks on stock markets. Harsh Goela has mastered the art of understanding irrational human behaviour in stock market, which is commonly called Behavioural Finance. Spiritually inclined with developing interest in mythology, Harsh Goela dreams of watching a live football match in Santiago Bernabeu.

Aditya Goela, Co-founder of GSF LLP and a Josh talk speaker, cleared all CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) exams in the very first attempt. He is one of the youngest CFAs. With his brilliance, he has rewritten the rules of good timing for buying and selling stocks through the relevant technical indicators. He has redefined the course of Technical analysis after extensive research & practice.

As he popularly states, “Value investing is buying shares below their intrinsic value and creating a margin of safety”. It may sound difficult to put it in practice but systems developed by him, make it simple and easy to execute in a very profitable manner. Besides Markets, he is a passionate marathon runner and if you are so, you might spot him at Tata Mumbai 42km marathon.

The Goela Brothers have some remarkable achievements in their name over the years. They have been keynote speakers in stock market training programs organized by BSE & NSE.  They have also conducted seminars and participated in programs in schools & Institutions like Doon school, Amity school, IIT Delhi, IIM Lucknow, Delhi School of Economics, FMS Delhi, Army Institute of Management & Technology, GAIL, ITI Lucknow, NIT, JIIT, Mariam college Kerala, Amity College among others.

They have convincingly busted the myth that PE Ratio is an important stock price valuation indicator. Instead they promote Pay Back Period (PBP) on your investment, to grow at the fastest rate.

As a teenager, when asked “How many wonders are there in the world?”, Harsh Goela would always smile and say 8 wonders, 8th being “Power of Compounding”.

On the other hand, Aditya Goela quotes “Contrarian approach to investing is the greatest profit maximizer” as a life rule.

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