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What the TIME Poll Says About Modi

Published: May 2, 2014 06:51:22 AM IST
Updated: Apr 30, 2014 04:19:39 PM IST
What the TIME Poll Says About Modi
Image: K. K. Arora / Reuters
Supporters climb poles to get a glimpse of Narendra Modi during a rally at Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP leader has addressed over 150 rallies across the country, logging in the maximum flying hours among all electioneering politicos

166,260 is the total number of ‘no’ votes that Narendra Modi received in the Time magazine readers’ poll of 100 Most Influential People. The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate received a total of 330,832 hits, but the negative votes outweighed his ‘yes’ votes. He notched the maximum percentage of negative votes. The winner was decided by the number of ‘yes’ votes, and that honour went to Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Admi Party chief. Kejriwal, Modi’s bête noire in battleground Varanasi, is the overall winner of the poll with 261,114 ‘yes’ votes.

(This story appears in the 16 May, 2014 issue of Forbes India. To visit our Archives, click here.)

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  • C S Bhagat

    The poll is dated 2nd May and today it is more than apparent that how lopsided, biased and useless these polls are - irrespective of whether TIME or ECONOMIST or FORBES or any such over glorified narrow visioned know-all group has conducted it. The world needs to be free of this fake elitism.

    on May 27, 2014
  • Dharmesh Chaurasia

    election is a joke in india coz its only a country who knows that tempering can be done in EVM machine who knows too many countrys denied that EVM process who knows they are in top position in corruption and we are going to vote n believing results are true..hehehe

    on May 26, 2014
  • Shravan

    mouse clickers\' opinion never reflects the real scenerio of India-elections, it has become fashion speaking about secularism. The provisions of Indian constitution has given opportunity to rule the prestigeous state of India capital. A true leader should always honour the mandate given by the people, since the era is coalition one, assuming, AAP gets 100 what would be his choice, will again AAP seeks bye-election and go for fresh mandate, if so, is it not wastage of disolate of economy, the former-IRS should more cautious than a common man.

    on May 9, 2014
  • Indian Bhartiya

    Sridhar.. The Value of your comment Vanished when You added Khan to Sonia Gandhi\'s name... The latter part in which You tried to explain the Right doings of Modi did not affect me positively because of that Illogical term used by you, Grow up Man ... Be Mature... Give me some Good reason to vote for Modi...

    on May 9, 2014
  • Sridhar

    The American leaders do not seem to be active and they are not actually leading the country successfully in this past one and half decade. Look how they are not able come out of financial mess. Obama is good in adminstration not in finance. Obama is cheated by Indian congress leader sonia gandhi khan by giving false info on Modi. It has finally boomeranging her in India. Cannot the US administration not read what UK, Australia, Japan and China learnt about Modi. Modi has grown Gujarat in this decade in a highly correct direction. He has given a new direction in Democracy how to use peoples power to propel their agenda of growth. Involvement of 80% good and knowledgeable people are contributing to multiple disciplines in austhetic growth. Obama is still stuck with 2002 and he has still not given any statement to his people to move forward. People of gujarat has forgotten 2002 but Americans can only remember 2002 hope they are not fooled to be stuck their on India issues. Modi\'s govt is the best run govt in India whereas the Sonia gandhi lead cronies govt is the worst central govt. Modi name is reverbarating in the country and abroad and you are talking of 2002, istn it high time to see a world leader who is now getting admired by many countries to introspected properly. There is a not even a single muslim fight in Gujarat after 2002 otherwise every second month there used to be one. Gujarat\'s Muslims at the lower end are truely enjoying the benefits of economy and peace with Modi style of administration.... Hope True Americans see this angle of his 12 years of successful rule.

    on May 2, 2014
    • Rajiv

      I am completely agree with Sridhar. If someone can change the entire unbalanced system of India then that man is Mr. Narendra Modi and this not my opinion it is the opinion of all Indian and We want a strong leader like Modi.

      on May 6, 2014
  • Kumud Kandpal

    Possiblyility of overshadowing of Brand AK Imagery (Integrity) over Modi\'s Communal image.

    on May 2, 2014