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Diabetes Myths and facts

Dr. Tun Tun Naing busts various myths about diabetes and lets you know the real facts

Published: Nov 19, 2021 04:27:05 PM IST

Diabetes Myths and facts

In the current era of technology, digitalization and social media, there is plethora of information available to a common man. However, the hard fact is that we don’t know which information is beneficial and which can do harm. Similar is the case for disease like diabetes where there are numerous myths prevalent about diabetes risk factors, symptoms, diet, and more that could affect how diabetes patients take care of themselves. Not properly taking care of your diabetes can put you at risk of developing serious diabetes complications, and the first step towards managing diabetes is to have correct knowledge about it. In this video, Dr. Naing, dispells certain myths associated with diabetes that would help you better prevent and manage diabetes.

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