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Salt and Hypertension: A Quick Fact Check

Dr. Rawat clarifies various facts related to salt and blood pressure and shares tips on managing the blood pressure

Published: Oct 27, 2021 02:23:34 PM IST
Updated: Oct 27, 2021 03:10:11 PM IST

Salt and Hypertension: A Quick Fact Check

Avoiding salt is in focus right now as a vital health concern. Moderating salt in your diet reduces blood pressure and consequently improves your heart’s performance. We’ve all heard that extra salt in your diet can be an issue. However, There are numerous myths prevalent about the association of salt and blood pressure, and blindly following these myths does harm for your health. Some of them are facts while some are mere myths and disbelief. In order to stay clear of the high blood pressure, it is very important that you should know the facts. This video aims at busting the myths associated with salt and high blood pressure, and also presents the actual facts so make you more aware about limiting you salt intake.

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