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Exercise a key to healthy life

Dr Gururaj Puranik highlights the importance of doing exercises on regular basis

Published: Mar 28, 2022 05:00:20 PM IST
Updated: Mar 29, 2022 05:10:56 PM IST

Exercise a key to healthy life

Regular dose of exercises not only enhances the quality of life of an individual but it also boosts the self-confidence & the ability of an individual to perform positively in every task of his life. A regular exercise also reduces the load of non-communicable diseases. Lack of regular exercises disturbs the ability of an individual making him inactive in participation of important activities

Various Sedentary activities are considered as the predisposing factors for showing negative effect on health. As per the evidences physical exercise show positive impact on overall body as it increases heart rate, respiratory rate & also offers the increased breathing. According to leading organizations it has been proved any kind of physical activity for at least 150 mins is beneficial in developing the overall physique of an individual as well as the mood of an individual. Cycling, swimming & dancing are also good mode of exercise which enhances the performance of the body.  Doing YOGA is also beneficial for the body as it enhances the muscle strength & flexibility & also protects individual from various life threatening conditions.  

So, let’s take a pledge of maintaining healthy life by doing regular exercises. The video shows various benefits of doing exercises & how it enhances the quality of life of an individual.

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