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Exercise and eat healthy: Stay active and independent

Dr Girish discusses the importance of good muscular skeletal health and how diet plays a key role in healthy living

Published: Feb 14, 2022 12:06:03 PM IST

Exercise and eat healthy: Stay active and independentHuman are social being and needs to constantly keep moving in order to remain well connected. Mobility gives a balance between the social, communal and occupational activities and enhances the quality of life. Good mobility is possible from a good muscular skeletal health.

Sedentary lifestyle, eating unhealthy and junk food causes muscular skeletal impairment resulting in work loss, early retirement and loss of retirement wealth. Long time mobility impairment , inability to participate in different mobility related functions and dependency on others can even affect the mental health of individuals, especially elderly. An adequate amount of daily exercise, healthy balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamin D and sufficient sleep can help in maintaining good mobility.

So, take a step forward and move out into nature to maintain good muscular-skeletal health. This video presents exercise and dietary strategies to maintain good skeletal health and help people from all groups be independent, have enhanced working capacity and actively participate in all aspects of the life.

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