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Fitness Mantra: Walk more, eat healthy, sleep well

Dr Paliwal discusses about improving overall wellbeing, including physical as well as mental health

Published: Feb 1, 2022 03:54:53 PM IST

Fitness Mantra: Walk more, eat healthy, sleep wellToday’s humans are running a cat race, forgetting the priorities of health and diet. This has resulted in increased incidences of sedentary behaviours and unhealthy food habits leading to many non-communicable lifestyle-related disorders and related Muscular skeletal impairments.

Impaired muscular-skeletal health causes acute and chronic pain, decrease in mobility which affects the overall social, community and economic life of an individual. The feeling of loss of independence and loss of work efficiency makes the person depressive and full of anxiety. Hence a more active lifestyle and healthy and balanced diet can significantly reduce the chances of chronic health conditions, mental health disorders, and enhance the quality of life.

So take a moment, re-think and start practicing the fitness mantra. This video presents the importance of walking, eating healthy and sleeping well which can help in improving overall wellbeing.

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