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Good muscular skeletal health a key to good life

Dr Amit Mishra highlights the various benefits of maintaining proper muscular skeletal health

Published: Mar 24, 2022 04:47:49 PM IST

Good muscular skeletal health a key to good lifeGood Health leads to Good Life as it enhances the ability of individual to participate in each and every task of his life. Good skeletal muscular health also reduces the load of non-communicable diseases. Impaired muscular skeletal health causes acute or chronic pain & it may also affect the mental health & ability of an individual to perform & participate in important activities of his life. Painful muscular conditions not only lead to lack of physical activity but it also causes depressive symptoms.   

Age, Obesity & Sedentary lifestyle are the predisposing factor for causing various muscular conditions & in order to combat this regular physical activity is only the powerful tool. A physical exercise not only show positive impact on muscle mass but also improves bone density, reduces inflammatory markers & also maintains cartilage & bone health. Unhealthy diet cause type 2 diabetes which further leads to various other conditions and also detoriate muscular health. Obesity should also be reduced in children through various physical activities which protects from various muscle related deformities. Consumption of proper balanced diet with all essential nutrients at every stage of life is a key to protect from muscle related deformities      

So, let’s take a step in maintaining the Good Health. The video shows various benefits of maintaining proper muscular skeletal health & how it enhances the task performing ability of an individual.

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