Arpit Test Tube Baby Center: Bringing state-of-the-art IVF facilities to Uttar Pradesh

Published: Sep 23, 2019 03:53:50 PM IST
Updated: Sep 25, 2019 05:01:26 PM IST

Arpit Test Tube Baby Center: Bringing state-of-the-art IVF facilities to Uttar Pradesh
Vandana Bansal, a leading gynaecologist, IVF expert and laparoscopic surgeon, and director of Jeevan Jyoti Hospital in Prayagraj, Utter Pradesh, is currently engaged in planning her dream project, Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, which she had visualised with her husband, late A.K. Bansal. They were determined to turn it into a premium medical institution, offering superior healthcare facilities not only for Prayagraj but to the rest of India too.

It was this firm commitment that goaded Bansal to return to work within five days of her husband’s demise. “I took the reins of the hospital long before the mourning period was over to prevent it from derailing,” she says. Her sons, Arpit and Harshit Bansal, offered her solid support, and the entire family is now dedicated to Jeevan Jyoti Hospital. Overcoming all hurdles, the hospital has regained its glory and is a household name today. 

The youngest of four sisters, Bansal grew up in a progressive environment. She took up medicine not only to fulfill her father, late BNP Singh's dream but also because she was passionate about it. Her late husband always supported her dream of becoming an accomplished doctor. Together, in 1999 they established eastern UP’s first state-of-the-art IVF facility—Arpit Test Tube Baby Center—in Prayagraj to provide the most advanced treatment to childless couples, who were otherwise forced to visit metro cities for the same. Bansal pioneered the practice of advanced infertility treatment in the region and in fact, is among the handful of experts who introduced hysteroscopic surgery for infertility and uterine disorder treatment in Uttar Pradesh much earlier. She has also introduced facilities that increase pregnancy rates, besides some trending facilities like social egg-freezing at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital for cancer-stricken women and ladies who want to delay pregnancy.

She also started IMSI, surrogacy, embryo, and egg banking facilities, and treats patients across India as well as patients from Dubai, Botswana, the USA, and the UK. A prolific writer and poet, she has co-authored a popular motivational book with her late husband, ‘Life Begins at 50’. A gold medalist from Allahabad University for her PhD in IVF, Bansal has participated in numerous national and international workshops and her research papers have been published in reputed national and international scientific journals.

A nature enthusiast and an avid bird photographer, Arpit is an accomplished advanced laparoscopy cancer and bariatric surgeon. As a child, he always wanted to help people and was inspired to take up medicine watching his parents. He has successfully completed a Fellowship in Robotic and Colorectal Surgery from Portsmouth Hospital in the UK. He has also started advanced laparoscopy cancer surgery at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital on a large scale and at a nominal cost for patients in Prayagraj. Despite there being more lucrative specialisations in the industry, Arpit decided to work for cancer patients.

Cancer creates panic even to this day and Arpit hopes to do his bit to help, while creating awareness about, timely detection. He may be relatively young in the industry but handles many complicated cases. One such case was a woman weighing 145 kg, suffering from uterine fibroids and other related complications. Being overweight, the 50-year-old was turned away by several hospitals but Arpit and his dynamic team laparoscopically removed the tumour, and she was discharged within two days.

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