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Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024

From Lapland, Finland to Churchill, Canada, here are the go-to places for tourists in 2024 to watch the dance of the Northern Lights in the skies

Published: Feb 7, 2024 04:19:11 PM IST
Updated: Feb 7, 2024 06:26:48 PM IST

Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024Lapland, Finland. Image credit: Shutterstock

Want to see the Northern Lights this year? Travel technology company Expedia reveals the top destinations in 2024 for the best chance to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon. Expedia delved into the rising trend of travellers on the hunt for the aurora borealis and uncovered the current hotspots for witnessing the Northern Lights. The travel company analysed a year-over-year search growth to discover the destinations anticipated to be the go-to places for tourists in 2024. Here are some places to add to your bucket list this year.

1. Lapland, Finland

The prime time to witness the Northern Lights in northern Finland is between August and April. This period marks the optimal aurora-watching season when the nights grow darker in late August. Clear skies are essential for observing this natural phenomenon, which graces the northern skies approximately 200 nights per year or every other clear night in Lapland. In Northern Lapland, the auroras illuminate nearly every other clear night from September to March.

Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024Churchill, Canada. Image credit: Shutterstock

2. Churchill, Canada

Due to its strategic position beneath the auroral zone in the northern hemisphere, Canada's Churchill stands out as one of the best locations for observing the northern lights. The optimal period for experiencing the mesmerising display in the sky is between February and March. You can also enjoy a range of activities while waiting to witness the northern lights.

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Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024Alta, Norway. Image credit: Shutterstock

3. Alta, Norway

Norway's Alta has a dry and stable climate, making it an ideal place to see the Northern Lights. Visitors can also participate in enjoyable activities such as snowmobiling. The prime window for observing the Northern Lights in Alta is from December to March.

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Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024Narvik, Norway. Image credit: Shutterstock

4. Narvik, Norway

In Narvik, the captivating Northern Lights grace the skies from September to March. Although the appearance of the lights cannot be guaranteed at a specific time, the most favourable chances of witnessing this magical display are typically between 6 pm and 1 am.

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Top 5 destinations to observe Northern Lights in 2024Banff, Canada. Image credit: Shutterstock

5. Banff, Canada

Experiencing the Northern Lights in Canada's Banff National Park is a truly unique and unforgettable event. Beyond the simple pleasure of immersing oneself in the spectacle, the northern lights present an excellent opportunity for capturing stunning photographs. The prime period for witnessing the lights in Banff is from October to mid-April, when the night sky reaches its darkest, enhancing the enchanting display.