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Thoughts on health care

Published: Sep 8, 2020 11:26:28 AM IST
Updated: Sep 8, 2020 11:41:16 AM IST

Thoughts on health careImage: Rick Friedman / Corbis Via Getty Images

Nothing that has value, real value, has no cost. Not freedom, not food, not shelter, not health care.
—Dean Kamen

Health care expenses often wipe out families.
—Abhijit Banerjee

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, and my recent focus is on finding entrepreneurial solutions to address global challenges in health care and education.
—Naveen Jain

Everybody aspires to an affordable home, a secure job, better living standards, reliable health care and a decent pension. My generation took those things for granted, and so should future generations.
—Jeremy Corbyn

Effective use of technology is important to deliver health care. By leveraging technology, you can bring down lack of access and cost of healthcare.
—NR Narayana Murthy

Information, education, skills, health care, livelihood, financial inclusion, small and village enterprises, opportunities for women, conservation of natural resources, distributed clean energy—entirely new possibilities have emerged to change the development model.
—Narendra Modi

It turns out Cuba has this incredible health care system for a very poor country.
—Michael Moore

This idea of universal access to basic health care has to be figured out as a world. No country has figured it out in part because it is driven by ideology.
—Jacqueline Novogratz

To fix India’s health care scenario, what is most needed is ‘systems thinking’. For far too long, India has followed a vertical approach in its health sector, which translated into disease-specific national programmes being set up.
—Kapil Sibal

People have to take control of their own lives. Education is key because it also raises other social indicators like health care.
—Azim Premji

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