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Chintan Padmani, one of India's youngest digital marketing & personal branding expert

Digital Marketing is not everyone's baby now as it requires the right mix of effort, ideas and innovation

Published: Sep 8, 2020 11:48:28 AM IST
Updated: Sep 8, 2020 06:42:44 PM IST

Chintan Padmani, one of India's youngest digital marketing & personal branding expert

Not all are born with a silver spoon. A majority of people struggle and work hard to achieve in their personal and professional lives. Chintan Padmani is one of these people who remains the country's youngest digital marketing and personal branding expert. Age is no bar when it comes to achieving anything in digital marketing. The past one decade has seen the dominance of digital marketing. All thanks to the popularity of social media platforms, more and more people are inclined towards it to prosper the brand over the internet. 

Chintan Padmani happens to be a young and energetic digital marketing expert. He has covered this distance since his teenage years with empty pockets. However, he made sure he gained a good name in the field of digital marketing in the country by reaching at the young age of 20. Hailing from the happening city in Gujarat called Ahmedabad, he always knew he had to pursue his career in the digital marketing field. He gained his expertise in content creation along with getting a better understanding of the marketing landscape, which further helped him in achieving big in his life. Now, he holds a key position in the digital marketing domain and all thanks to his amazing work he has done so far.

In no time, he was able to expand and get clients all across the country. He then moved to Mumbai taking up jobs and doing an ad campaign for Ahmedabad tourism. He later was able to develop a competitive promotional campaign for a number of clients including promoting the songs like Dilbar Dilbar and Tera Ghanta. His promotional activities worked and he gained big in this campaign. Now, we see the  young gun Chintan Padmani to be an owner of a company known as Cyberstrek Technologies who has carved his niche hard in this industry. 

This young man is known for his outranking people, businesses, celebrities and other stuff with the right set of marketing strategies and ideas. Despite too many people and groups present in the area of digital marketing, Chintan Padmani scores high points on others with his skills and expertise. He makes the task of your promotion and marketing simple with his effective skills and experience. This adds up to a number of clients not just within the country but outside the nation as well. Digital Marketing is not everyone's baby now as it requires the right mix of effort, ideas and innovation, which the young gun Chintan possesses in his domain. 

He keeps on updating his skill sets and knowledge by exploring the latest techniques and technologies introduced in digital marketing. At times, with his experience and expertise, he is also able to add a few more things to his learning and apply them in his day to day digital marketing efforts. All these factors have helped Chintan Padmani to emerge out as India's A listed Digital experts who fall under 25. This is indeed a big achievement in his life especially when he is so young and not even completed Graduation. He is still in his studies age but in terms of his experience and expertise, he is all set to top the Digital world with excellence and professionalism. This is just a start for a young man like him, as he aspires to go a long way in the domain of digital marketing. 

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