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New-Age skin serum E'Clat breaks all barriers in skincare regime

Get Plump, Uniform Skin With Its Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Formula

Published: Sep 8, 2020 12:06:40 PM IST

New-Age skin serum E'Clat breaks all barriers in skincare regime

Looking for a heavy-duty hydrating serum to make your skin look smooth, plump, wrinkle-free and refreshed? Your search ends here – E’clat Superior Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Facial Serum! A product launched for the first time in the Indian market, E’clat Superior is 12% Hyaluronic Acid with NAG and Arbutin, which offers a multi-dimensional approach to skincare with its innovative combination of low molecular and high molecular Hyaluronic acid. This ingenuity is the result of the company CEO, Sandeep Gupta’s decade-long expertise in skincare innovation.

Women & Youth

Since times immemorial, women are known to go to great lengths to retain that youthful look on their face and skin. While some go for miracle creams, others fall into the trap of Injections and dermal fillers, which spoil their natural beauty, instead of enhancing or even maintaining it. Besides, the women have to undergo jabs, pain and huge expenditures in order to avail these artificial remedies. However, with E’Clat Superior, India’s fastest-growing facial serum brand, the women will get the benefits of the Booster Serum. Its Hyaluronic Acid (HA) repulps, smoothens and moisturizes your skin visibly. The HA concentration of E’Clat Superior is probably the highest in the world – equivalent of about 6 injections. The Booster Serum contains 12% of pure HA while the inter-dermal injections contain just 2% of HA. In addition, most of the conventional skincare creams and gels have just 1% HA. So, you get the idea about which product is best suitable to achieve that youthful look.

Hyaluronic Acid & Your Skin

HA is the main component of body tissue, especially in case of skin tissue, where 50% of body’s HA is found. Also known as Hyaluronan, this clear, gooey substance is found naturally in our body and its main function is to retain water inside the skin tissue, keeping the skin cells moist. High Molecular content of E’Clat Superior Serum keeps the skin surface supple, elastic, uniform and comfortable while the Low molecular HA keeps your skin hydrated deep inside. The two different HAs are uniquely combined to get deeper into your skin, as compared to the regular skincare products. As a result, this Booster Serum holds in itself five times more moisture than most skin serums available in the market today. Together, this revolutionary formula helps you keep the wrinkles away and, thus, remove the signs of aging from your face and elsewhere. In addition, the N-acetyl glucosamine or NAG pushes the body to produce more HA on its own, thus providing better benefits like skin exfoliation, especially for people with sensitive skin. Using E’Clat Superior Serum is safe for such people as it has no side effects like irritation, redness or photosensitivity. Apart from these, the Alpha Arbutin in the serum helps brighten the skin and keep away the signs of environmental damage that comes with living a highly stressful life in the cities, full of pollution. The formula is “hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, and fragrance-free,” which means it is a safe choice for women with extremely sensitive skin type.

Benefits of EClat Superior Serum

One of the most trending and trusted brand of top dermatologists in India, the serum, though priced on the higher side, has a plethora of benefits, now available to the discerning Indian customers over-the-counter. One of the best benefits of this serum is that it “improves the dermal structure of your skin” by “boosting endogenous HA that also strengthens the collagen fibers.” Your skincare requirements like increased luminosity, deep hydration, reduction of wrinkles around eye contours and neck are easily fulfilled with the regular use of this serum. Speaking about the multiple benefits of his product, CEO Sandeep Gupta says, “We are pioneer in many innovative skincare ingredients including Glutathione. E’Clat is enjoying the leadership in facial serum market and already loved by millions of skin lovers globally.” Highlighting further benefits of this new-age product, Gupta says, “This serum eliminates dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and age spots besides keeping your skin looking hydrated and young for a longer period of time after application.”

The consistent use of this radical product guarantees a glowing skin that is smooth and hydrated, bright and wrinkle-free, and, most of all, shining in its natural glory, to give you a youthful look, without having to undergo any troubling remedies.

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