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Thoughts on hip-hop

Published: Nov 15, 2019 04:40:36 PM IST
Updated: Nov 15, 2019 04:45:14 PM IST

Thoughts on hip-hopImage: Krista Kennell / Shutterstock

A poet’s mission is to make words do more work than they normally do, to make them work on more than one level.

The thing about hip-hop today is it’s smart, it’s insightful. The way it can communicate a complex message in a very short space is remarkable.
—Barack Obama

Hip-hop saved my life, man. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been even decent at. I don’t know how to do anything else.

Love yourself and your expression, you can’t go wrong.

I guess hip-hop has been closer to the pulse of the streets than any music we’ve had in a long time. It’s sociology as well as music, which is in keeping with the tradition of black music in America.
—Quincy Jones

Hip-hop is still cool at a party. But to me, hip-hop has never been strictly a party; it is also there to elevate consciousness.
—Saul Williams

I think a number of the leaders are, whether you like it or not, in the hip-hop generation. And when they understand enough, they’ll do wonders. I count on them.
—Maya Angelou

The jazz I love is sweet and pure with raw elements, which is exactly what the good hip-hop is doing now.
—Amy Winehouse

The way you respect hip-hop is by being true to yourself.
—Lil Dicky

Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps.
—Chuck D

Hip-hop became the voice of rebellion and the youth, as rock music did in the ’60s.

Well, hip-hop is what makes the world go around.
—Snoop Dogg

Hip-hop is the people. What the people are moving toward is what hip-hop is. I think people are moving toward a freer way of thinking. Openness.
—Erykah Badu

A lot is said by the fact that you are unlikely to listen to an entire album by an African American rapper without coming across the word ‘police’.
—Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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