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Thoughts on Innovation

Published: Sep 12, 2013 06:36:18 AM IST
Updated: Sep 6, 2013 05:27:30 PM IST
Thoughts on Innovation
Image: Sameer Pawar

When dreams are more real than reality, you’re alive.
Malcolm Forbes

People often overestimate what will happen in the next two years and underestimate what will happen in ten.
Bill Gates

Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics.
Coco Chanel

The great don’t innovate, they fertilise seeds planted by lackeys, then leave to others the inhaling of the flowers whose roots they’ve manured.
Ned Rorem

I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.
Henry Ford

I ran into Isosceles. He has a great idea for a new triangle!
Woody Allen

Inventors and men of genius have almost always been regarded as fools at the beginning (and very often at the end) of their careers.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.
Steve Jobs

I should sell my life to Ted Turner because it’s unbelievable.
Hedy Lamarr

An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the opponents gradually die out.
Max Planck

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.
Peter F Drucker

The paradox of innovation is that it is accepted as an innovation when it has become imitation.
Piero Scaruffi

The first step is an intuition—and comes with a burst, then difficulties arise. This thing gives out and then that—“Bugs”, as such little faults are called, show themselves.
Thomas Edison

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  • Dr.a.jagadeesh

    Excellent collection of quotations on INNOVATION. Creativity,Innovation and Invention are the pillars of progress. Innovate or Perish is the Mantra in the Industry now. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

    on Sep 12, 2013