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From Discussions to Transactions: Decoding International Healthcare Business at Medachievers Medparliament

Published: Sep 10, 2019 07:07:30 PM IST
Updated: Sep 16, 2019 04:41:02 PM IST

From Discussions to Transactions: Decoding International Healthcare Business at Medachievers Medparliament
A global revolution in healthcare is occurring. Across the world healthcare delivery is enhancing thanks to technology, whilst at the same time, government and private providers are working to keep costs down and interventions accessible. This ecosystem is characterised by the tireless work of infrastructure developers, researchers, educators, technologists and government officials, among others, the industry has affected impact on humankind unlike any other. In order to provide the best healthcare possible, the industry must transcend borders, cultivate relationships and covert that potential into transactions. 

On the 30th of July, healthcare leaders from India, Australia, Israel and the USA converged on New Delhi to participate in the MedAchievers’ Medparliament. This platform is the brainchild of Medachievers’ Managing Director, Dr. Harsha Vardhan, who with his wife and co-founder Sweta Singh have built an international healthcare operation and network. Medparliament is the forum to bring together the leaders of healthcare, not for discussions but to implement. 

Medparliament attendees heard from elite speakers including Mr. Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of State, Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Dharminder Nagar, MD, Paras Healthcare; Rod Hilton, Acting High Commissioner, Australia; Dr. Arvind Lal, Chairman, Lal Path labs, Prof Bruce Thomson, Dean of Health Sciences Swinburn University, Simon Dumarseq, Private equity Investor from Australia, Mario Gattino, CEO, Respiri Ltd, Michael Koss, Director Digitology Healthtech, Hayden Cooke, CTO Digitology Healthtech and former Australian Cricket team captain & celebrity Commentator Michael Clarke. Medparliament called upon the exclusive group of leaders in attendance to address real problems volunteered by participants and develop actionable solutions together. The tangible results of Medparliament could easily be witnessed at the event. In fact, the honourable minister Ashiwini Kumar Choubey spoke on how the celebrity power of the MedParliament must be utilised to share positivity for Indian businesses, with the aim of making India as one of the finest exporters of medical devices.

Dr. Vardhan described the basis of Medparliament as a global body that has been designed on the basis of how a parliament functions, the same way this is a global parliament of healthcare leaders where different ministries are replaced by different domain expertise and real sessions leading to smooth transactions. All of the Medparliamentarians in attendance understand the need to proliferate this important forum because it achieves real outcomes for patients and healthcare providers. The house addressed steps of support needed at Federal government level t International scale, the other was medical education system, and the needs and opportunities that accompany it. Some of the world’s most distinguished educators weighed in on the gaps keeping healthcare professionals from embracing innovation, and how they can be bridged. On the subject of innovation, another enlightening panel discussion focused on how it can be used to bring about positive impact. And while healthcare is a noble industry, it is still a business that – like every other – comes with financial considerations. This subject, usually reserved for hushed conversations behind closed doors, was also among those up for discussion at Medparliament. 

The Medparliament program systematically addressed the opportunities in healthcare as seen by the leaders, the challenges associated with making technology in healthcare high quality, precise and affordable and the evolving nature of medical education. In attendance were real life case studies that demonstrate the success of Medachievers and Dr. Harsha Vardhan at creating international collaborations in healthcare. One such example was Respiri Ltd, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company with world leading technology to support suffers of Asthma and COPD. Dr Dharminder Nagar also announced that Paras Healthcare has entered into an agreement for smart-ICU with an Australian company incubated at  Medachievers. These were powerful statements to the market demonstrating how actionable collaboration can be.

Medparliament delegates were privileged to enjoy an engaging fireside between Michael Clarke, former cricket captain of Australia and Dr. Harsha Vardhan. In an illuminating conversation, the duo took on the business of healthcare, the nature of opportunities in the sector, and the role of sports in bridging cultural and entrepreneurial divides. 

MedAchievers' MedParliament shall now scheduled in Australia and Israel in the months of February and March of next year as well as additional events taking place in India. The truly global platform, through the hardwork of the MedAchievers team has proven itself to be one of the most important healthcare business platform in the region and it is clear, this is only the beginning of an incredible journey which will enhance the lives of patients around the world. 


Watch some more of the highlights from the sixth edition of the MedAchievers Medparliament below:


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