Having her 3D cake

Ukrainian architect-turned-pastry chef Dinara Kasko married her training with the art of baking cakes
Curated By: Anjan Das
Published: Oct 18, 2018
Having her 3D cake
Dinara Kasko, 30, a Ukrainian baker based in Kharkiv, Ukraine, shot into the limelight for using 3D printing in baking.
An architect by qualification, she retired from a career as a 3D visualiser to take up baking. Soon, from home baking, her passion turned into a work of art. Her cake art is frequently compared to the work of several mainstream artists. Kasko’s baking includes influences from architecture.

Kasko’s main baking technique includes using a 3D printer to construct a silicon mould. It is then used to shape cakes and desserts. Her works of confectionery art employ the mathematical principles of the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry, turning her confectionary into representations of planes and cross sections.
Kasko is one of the four pastry chefs to be invited to Shanghai by one of the biggest chocolate producers in the world, Barry Callebaut, to present their product and work with it. Premium car brand Land Rover invited her to create their 70th anniversary cake. Her creations are bespoke and she uses premium quality ingredients such as French chocolates.