The sideshow at Alsisar

The Rajasthan village comes alive in more ways than one as it hosts its annual music festival
By: Aditi Tailang
Published: Feb 25, 2019
The sideshow at Alsisar

Image by : Aditi Tailang

Jitesh Parashar Sharma
Age: 22

MBA student from Jaipur, and owner of Sujit Kirana Store

“I come here for these three days of the year. I really like the festival. It lifts the mood and vibe of Alsisar. We get to earn money by working for 24 hours in these three days. The amount we earn in three days is what we earn in a year. We have rooms to rent, too, for ₹4,000 a night. For the store, we order extra stock during the festival; cigarettes, water and Coke sell the most."