Guinness brewing family's 5,000-acre Luggala estate is on sale for $30 million

Published: Mar 24, 2017

mg_94593_real_estate_280x210.jpgImage: Tomohiro Oshumi / Bloomberg

Twelve years ago, the Guinness brewing family opened Luggala, its verdant, 5,000-acre estate outside Dublin, offering weeklong stays for €20,000 (about $21,500). Now they’re selling the property, including the castle-shaped, seven-bedroom main house, for $30 million. Over the decades, painter Lucian Freud, actor Anjelica Huston and U2’s Bono all visited Luggala as guests of the Guinness family. “One of the extraordinary things about Luggala is that it almost looks like a different place every single day,” says Guinness heir and current owner Garech Browne. Especially after a few pints.

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