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Uddhav Kumar: Untangling the logistics mess

The co-founder and CEO of Lynkit Solutions offers six software solutions to ease the operations of logistics industry

Harichandan Arakali
Published: Feb 26, 2024 01:37:54 PM IST
Updated: Feb 26, 2024 02:04:10 PM IST

Uddhav Kumar: Untangling the logistics messImage: Amit Verma; Directed By: Kapil Kashyap; Outfit: Saggar Mehra, Styled By: Aarushi Gaur

Uddhav Kumar | 27
Co-founder and CEO, Lynkit

Anyone who is in logistics knows that there is nothing more messy and more problematic in the industry, there’s just so much going on,” says Uddhav Kumar, founder and CEO of Lynkit Solutions. Kumar recalls spending much of his final year of college—he graduated with a degree in economics from Delhi University—going to what are called “Transport Nagars” across north India, quizzing drivers of long-haul trucks, operators and others in the business.

Today, seven years on, Lynkit’s team of 175 services 5,000 businesses, which translates to about 100,000 users, tracking between 15,000 and 20,000 trips every day. The bootstrapped company has been profitable from fairly early on, Kumar says, with revenues today in the ballpark of “a couple of million dollars”.

“I like the company, the idea and execution so far in terms of traction and customers,” says Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks, one of the jury members for 30 Under 30. “That Uddhav also runs Hummara Truck, a CSR initiative that helps truckers find jobs, is definitely something that stands out to me.”
Uddhav Kumar: Untangling the logistics mess
From a tracking page of a courier company’s website, to some of the backend systems that help them get their parcels on time, dispatch their truck on time, know where their drivers are, know which vehicle to place in which hub—these are some of the solutions that Lynkit offers through six software applications.
Uddhav Kumar: Untangling the logistics mess
Part of its appeal is that it is industry agnostic in the third-party logistics and ecommerce space, Kumar says. Among its customers are Samsung, LG Electronics, Siemens, Mahindra Logistics and Flipkart.

“Lynkit’s supplier network application has helped us decrease our production and logistics times and improve our just-in-time manufacturing processes with safer and secure deliveries,” says a Samsung general manager, in a customer testimonial on the Delhi startup’s website.

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CEO Kumar’s co-founders are his elder sister Sadhika Kumar, who quit a job in the US to come back and join him full time as COO, and CTO Manas Parganiha, who brings to his role close to 25 years of hardcore industry experience in areas such as IoT, with previous assignments, including ST Microelectronics and Samsung.

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