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3 Tips for small businesses to survive during the Pandemic

Small business have had to completely alter their ways of operations to survive during this pandemic

Published: Dec 21, 2020 02:10:02 PM IST
Updated: Dec 21, 2020 04:12:23 PM IST

3 Tips for small businesses to survive during the Pandemic
The pandemic has hit different people differently. But the people it has hit hardest are those who are most dependent on a regular income. These include the ones who are the most economically vulnerable and, consequently, those who own small businesses.

While corporations can continue to operate with their reserve capital, it is the small business that has had to completely alter their ways of operating to survive during this pandemic. 

So, let's look at three tips for small businesses to survive during the pandemic. 

Go Online 

This tip is pretty generic, but it is super important if you want to continue doing business. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everyone to lock doors and stay quarantined in their homes. This means people can't go out, eat out, or even shop physically.

Hence, the only thing that people can go to is the computer and, by extension, the internet. So, you have to make your products and services available on the internet. 

For example, people before the pandemic could go out and about without the fear of a virus potentially threatening their lives. However, now they can't. So, as a small business, you can create a website and catalog all your products and services on there for people to have access to. This would also mean that you may get customers who are not from your immediate locality. 

Another way for you to extend your services online would be to hire some SEO services. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This essentially means that your website will be at the forefront of a google search that anyone in the world makes.

So if you're selling sparkly clothes in Toronto, and you have an SEO Toronto set up, anyone searching for sparkly clothes in Toronto on google will find your website right at the top.  

Sanitize Everything 

Since people are generally paranoid about what is clean and what is not, you should make the effort of making sure that everything you are selling is properly sanitized. This means cleaning all your products with proper sanitizers and making sure that all your employees get tested. 

In addition to that, you also have to market your business as one that is properly sanitizing and making sure that everything remains clean and safe for use. This way, you will get more customers who will trust you as a brand and be inclined to do business with you. 

Stay On Top Of Zoom 

Once again, since no one is going out anymore, you have to make sure that you are updated on all the latest technology that people are using and are familiar with. One of the most important pieces of technology that you must be familiar with is zoom. 

Zoom is where everyone has their meetings these days. In fact, zoom has become so popular that people hold large scale conferences, concerts, and all kinds of business affairs. So, you must be equipped with the proper understanding of zoom for your business to survive and stay on top of its game. 

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