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5 Best Things to do when moving into a New Home

Home security is a top priority when transferring homes. You should consider replacing all locks as soon as you arrive

Published: Dec 2, 2020 04:24:06 PM IST
Updated: Dec 2, 2020 06:41:21 PM IST

 5 Best Things to do when moving into a New Home

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting and fulfilling milestones you can reach in your life. With a new house comes a fresh start, locationally, physically, mentally, and emotionally speaking. The task can be overwhelming, and you need to prioritize tasks well. Here are 5 best things to do when moving into a new home.

Replace those locks.

 Home security is a top priority when transferring homes. You should consider replacing all locks as soon as you arrive. You never know how many previous occupants lived there before and you don't want any of them to have continued access to your new home. Change all entry/exit door locks including the garage door. Consider replacing all door locks within the home too.

Getting the help of a locksmith is prudent. A professional knows the best types of locks to recommend. Since lock replacement can be expensive, you can also hire the same locksmith to maintain your home locks on a regular schedule.

Freshen the air.

New homes can smell stuffy and even stale, particularly if they have been unoccupied for quite a while. Old furnishing and unclean surroundings also cause bad odor to develop in the home. So open those windows and doors and leave them open for a while if that's possible to do.

Use antibacterial spray and wipes on walls and surfaces. Vacuum the whole interior of your home. Treat yourself to some relaxing home aromatherapy if you have the funds for it.

Before anything else, if you come home to old carpets and couches that smell, dispose of them immediately or at least take them out of the house for later disposal.

Clean and clear the bathroom and separate toilets.

Hygiene comes first. Make sure you use a clean and fresh bathroom and toilet. Replace toilet seats and even cleaning brushes or sponges you see lying around. Use your own cleaning supplies and install a new toilet seat.

Check the showerhead. If it's moldy or has limescale then clean or replace it, whichever works better. Make sure to disinfect the bathtub before soaking in it. Scrub all floorings before going barefoot in the bathroom and toilet.

Update your mailing information and check your mailbox.

Make sure that you've updated your address details in all your correspondence so you don't miss out on any of your mail. Give some love to your new mailbox by repainting or reinforcing it when you arrive, particularly if it looks old or unstable.

Check airconditioning and heating units.

Inspect your cooling and heating facilities so that you don't suffer from heat exhaustion or too much cold when temperatures get extreme. Check for clogs and dust or soot buildup. Check the filters and do necessary cleanup tasks.

Final Thoughts

As you move into a new home, chores and projects will likely line up. Prioritize your tasks and pace yourself so that you don't suffer from too much exhaustion and so that you get to do the essential tasks right away.

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