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5 Landscaping tasks to do in Winter

Whether you want to give your garden a spring-clean or begin a bigger landscaping project, a professional landscaping company can help you to plan your project

Published: Dec 2, 2020 04:08:10 PM IST
Updated: Dec 3, 2020 12:12:34 AM IST

5 Landscaping tasks to do in Winter
While the cold winter air may mean you want to stay inside, it is not a good idea to overlook landscaping tasks during the winter months. Leaving these jobs until the Spring can set you back, so save time and get them done early. Getting the most out of your garden means looking after it during every season. 

So keep reading for 5 landscaping tasks that you can do this winter to prepare your garden for Spring.

1. Remove weeds

It is important to remember that winter weeds exist and you should take care of this problem as soon as the issue arrives, or they can begin to take over your garden and leave you a lot of work to do in the Spring. Some weeds are extremely cold-tolerant and can survive even freezing temperatures, so make sure to keep on top of them. 

2. Clean up

During the winter months, your garden can begin to look untidy because of leaves and other materials that may blow around on windy days. It is important to get rid of this build-up as any debris or leaves can also provide a home for rodents. It can also cause your land to become matted and die, as well as cause staining on your paving.

3. Pruning

There is a range of pruning tasks that can be taken care of during the winter and it is an important winter task. Some plants such as roses have specific pruning periods and should be pruned during these months. If you put off pruning these plants, they may not flower in the spring. 

4. Protect plants

Certain plants may be at risk from frost or even animals during the winter months. To protect them, you may choose to wrap your smaller bushes in burlap fabric to protect them from frost as well as hungry animals. 

5. Mend raised beds

Now is the time to mend and tidy up your raised beds. Remove any dead plants, clear slugs, and mend any broken or lose timber so that they are ready for planting in the spring. In the later winter months, you can fill the beds with compost, to give it time to settle. However, don't do this too early as the rain may wash away the nutrition in the soil. 

 Hire a professional landscaping company

It is important to get in contact with a professional landscaper such as landscaping Toronto during this period to schedule them for Spring, as they may soon become inundated with calls. Whether you want to give your garden a spring-clean or begin a bigger landscaping project, a professional landscaping company can help you to plan your project and take the stress out of it for you. 

To sum up... 

Don't forget about your garden during the winter months even if it is cold outside. Wrap up and get on with these winter tasks to prepare your garden for spring. Tidy up your garden by removing weeds, leaves, and debris, and take this time to mend any broken or loose raised beds.

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