Booming bulls CEO Anish Thakur's YouTube channel grows to 100k within 2 months

Anish teaches his Youtube subscribers the basics of trading and his course is easy to understand for beginners

Published: Oct 14, 2020 11:30:47 AM IST
Updated: Oct 14, 2020 05:11:13 PM IST

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As the pandemic has caused the world to come to a halt, the world has gone digital for its own sustenance. A lot of people have taken to social media to promote their businesses and one of the upcoming names that is constantly heard in the world of trading is none other than Anish Singh Thakur.

Anish, Presently, a tutor in the field of stock market investments; CEO of Booming Bulls,  and an investor himself, he has several titles attached to his name and has been training people to become traders. The relatability of the content that Anish puts out has shot him towards new heights and he recently nailed yet another achievement as his YouTube channel crossed 100k subscribers.

His YouTube page is a mere representation of the success that his company ‘Booming Bulls’ has achieved through these years. A strong-headed, skillful, and a successful CEO of ‘Booming Bulls’ Anish Singh is the power player in the game of stock market investment. 

The major highlight is the duration in which Anish achieved this tremendous feat. Starting with about 100 subscribers, Anish grew to 100k subscribers in just about two months’ time and growth like this is unprecedented.  Adding to this massive achievement is the fact that in this duration his channel has also amassed over 2 million views. 

Anish teaches his Youtube subscribers the basics of trading and his course is easy to understand for beginners from all walks of life. His confidence in the field can be derived from the theoretical knowledge that he shares among his viewers and audience. Unlike other investors who try their luck and go with the flow, he chooses to adopt a distinct path. He aims to promote theory-based steps and strategies that have a defined road to achievement. In the game of ups and downs, he hopes to fly high without fearing from falling! It is this caliber and confidence that makes him so inspiring and influential among his social circle. 

Given these difficult times, everyone is trying to find lucrative means of income and trading is one attractive platform but with proper knowledge. That’s where Anish jumps in, serving as the torch that lights the way for many across India.

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