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BrisMoneyy is steadily making his way to the top of the rap game

BrisMoneyy's recent hit songs, titled "G5 Jet," reached more than 100,000 streams worldwide as well

Published: Aug 12, 2020 05:01:02 PM IST
Updated: Aug 12, 2020 05:12:18 PM IST

BrisMoneyy is steadily making his way to the top of the rap game

Emerging music artist Christopher Colon from Bronx, New York, started rapping in 2017. One of his dear friends heard the raw talent and passion from Christopher in rapping and encouraged him to pursue a music career.

From then on, with the support of the people close to him, Christopher kept rapping, steadily learning and making his own way to the top. He gave himself the stage name BrisMoneyy.

There are a lot of artists that inspire BrisMoneyy to keep going. Their luxurious cars, fashionable clothes, and raining money drew BrisMoneyy in, but one artist really caught his eye and interest: Jay-Z. For BrisMoneyy, Jay-Z is an upright guy who is both an influential figure in music and knowledgeable when it comes to the business. Though Jay-Z is not as active in music as he was back in the days, his legacies and his skills in strategizing his works stuck with BrisMoneyy.

Currently, BrisMoneyy’s rapping career is going great; he has seen lots of improvements in all his content through the years. Just recently, he released a song titled “CORO” with del Reyes Mejia or also known as chucky73. The song has about 20,000 streams already, which is an impressive feat.

Another of BrisMoneyy’s recent hit songs, titled “G5 Jet,” reached more than 100,000 streams worldwide as well, becoming one of his most successful and famous songs. On Instagram, BrisMoneyy amassed over 19,000 followers. He is excited to release more of his future works soon, collaborating with famous artists and emerging artists alike.

Ever since he discovered and started rapping, BrisMoneyy got this feeling inside his body, deep in his bones, that tells him he can do it right, and he is good at what he does. Though the impostor syndrome sometimes kicks in, he knows his passion and dedication to rap is more than enough to give him confidence in everything he does.

Whenever he thinks about his future, BrisMoneyy sees himself seated at the company he has built or run his very own record label. BrisMoneyy dreams about helping the next up and coming artists, promoting them, and managing them well because he knows what it is like to start off in the rap game with nothing. Just like his goals for himself, BrisMoneyy hopes to help aspirants emerge victoriously.

Following the footsteps of his idol, Jay-Z, BrisMoneyy wants to keep rising up to the top of the rap industry, and readily gives his all to this game.

No one is quite like BrisMoneyy; his individuality sets him apart from the other artists. His unique experience and perspective in life cannot ever be replaced by anyone else.

BrisMoneyy’s music is for people from all walks of life and hopes people give his music a shot. Though sometimes his music can become heavy and dark, BrisMoneyy outside of the studio is a ball of laughter and constant vibrant energy. He always tries to mix things up and give different sounds for each song.

He aims to share with the whole world his story and what he has to say, hoping the world would listen. Not only will it fulfill his lifelong dreams, but it will also inspire someone, somewhere in the world and push them to aspire for greater things.

Instagram:@brismoneyy                    Spotify: Brismoneyy

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