Forbes India 15th Anniversary Special led by Madalina Rotaru becomes the first broker company to receive retail license in Abu Dhabi

Madalina has obtained a vast expanse of experience in the financial services realm at a really young age

Published: Oct 30, 2020 04:42:36 PM IST led by Madalina Rotaru becomes the first broker company to receive retail license in Abu Dhabi has become the first brokerage company to receive "in-principle approval" from Abu Dhabi Global Market back in 2019. It has now received the green signal from ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) to start its operation. The new license is going to enable the company to bring to a strategic business location (Abu Dhabi being the business hub of the Middle East) in the Middle East, and bag new clients and business opportunities. It owes all its achievements to the grit, intelligence, and efficiency of its CEO Madalina Rotaru.

This achievement of the company makes her one among some of the most successful businesswomen across the globe.

Madalina Rotaru, the CEO of Key Way Markets Ltd., who owns Capex has gone on record to say that the ADGM license grant confirms the company's pledge for providing its Middle Eastern clients with secure trading experience, under strict scrutiny and with the highest standard of financial services.

About Madalina Rotaru:

Madalina Rotaru is the Chief Executive Officer of Key Way Markets Ltd which is the governing company of the leading online broker, 

Madalina has obtained a vast expanse of experience in the financial services realm at a really young age and in a really short time and is skilled in several methods relating to online trading, which include compliance, marketing, management, and regulation. Madalina's current responsibility is to oversee the entirety of the Key Way Markets workforce and manage its global operations, maintaining a smooth trajectory of continued growth and development. 

Madalina currently resides in Abu Dhabi, attending to's new acquisition of clients in the Middle East. But as a CEO, she travels around a lot which exposes her to fascinating and prospective places spread around the world. 

Madalina began her journey as a junior associate at a brokerage house. Through her skills, intelligence, and competence, she soon rose up to rank after rank to the senior executive role that she works at to date. Her early start had already armed her with an arsenal of information and a strong awareness of how an investment company performs. 

Throughout her exposure to this industry, she has spent her career playing many roles across the board from back-office agent to head of the firm’s back-office operations, and from chief operating officer to chief executive officer. It was her consistent hard-work and fruitful inputs and ventures for the company that transpired in her selection as the CEO of Key Way Markets and continues to serve as a testament to her dedication, skill, and excellence.

But it was not easy for Madalina, as the arena of finance is a male-dominated sector at large. But that only fuels her fire more. She was determined to prove her own worth but also show that any woman can be a true equal to a man in any service. She worked hard to be taken as a worthy contender and was proficient in positioning herself among the list of successful female executives.

Madalina herself chose Abu Dhabi as the newest location to expand the operations of She explained her choice by saying that Abu Dhabi is a leading destination for financial and investment activity. With strong international financial hubs, such as Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) she sees in this region a strong enthusiasm for financial services, most specifically digital financial services. Also, accompanied by the UAE’s competitive industrial terrain Rotaru has every reason to believe more companies like Capex will choose Abu Dhabi as a location for expansion in the future and monitor significant progress across various sectors in the region.

Madalina Rotaru is an excellent role model for all girls aspiring to work in the financial sector or any other sector who are looking to accept all the curveballs thrown at them in life and transform them into lessons and strengths. Madalina herself encourages women to set goals in life and never wait for someone to realize their worth. She is of the opinion that women must take matters into their own hands in order to seize the opportunities most valuable to them.

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