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Celebrating the spirit of Never Stop Improving

Published: Oct 9, 2018 02:22:54 AM IST
Updated: Oct 23, 2018 05:37:30 PM IST

Celebrating the spirit of Never Stop Improving

Globalisation has opened up a world of opportunity to everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to nations at large. Despite this, lasting success has only come to those who have recognised opportunities at the right time, strived to improve themselves, and ultimately, changed the game.

This drive to Never Stop Improving lies at the heart of successful enterprises across the globe, but if there’s one brand that has embodied it in every move, it’s Mercedes-Benz. The auto giant invited some of its customers and dealers to celebrate the Spirit of Never Stop Improving at the launch of the 2018 C-Class, which recently took place in New Delhi.

Hosted by Leeza Mangaldas, the event kicked off with a rousing speech by Michael Jopp, VP – Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India, who talked about the brand’s relentless pursuit of greatness. A pursuit that has already helped them set sales records in the luxury automobile segment in the first half of 2018!

However, Jopp emphasised that the automaker looks beyond just numbers in its quest for greatness, as it strives to provide the best buying and ownership experience possible. Imbibing this spirit in their culture has clearly made a big difference, as each generation of the C-Class (which was first launched in 1982) has seen unparalleled success and set industry-defining trends.

No one knows the importance of constantly improving instead of resting on one’s laurels quite like Sunil Chhetri, Captain of the Indian National Football Team, and the second-highest active international goal-scorer in the world. Though he has already established himself, the footballer stressed on the importance of trying to keep getting better. Peppered with delightful anecdotes, his speech was a testament to the power of constant hard work and dedication.

His sentiments were echoed by Pullela Gopichand, the Chief National Coach of the Indian Badminton Team. Walking audiences through his illustrious career, Gopichand said that his breakthrough came when he stopped competing with others, and began focusing on trying to be better than he was the previous day. “All that mattered was, was I the best I could be?” he said.

This isn’t just true in sports and automobile manufacturing, either. A constant desire to improve can make a world of difference in one’s personal life, professional life, education and any other aspect of life. And there’s no better proof of this than the C-Class, which has managed to do the seemingly impossible – provide bang for one’s buck, while being environmentally friendly and a delight to drive!