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Co-Founders of Snob World Cole and Kelsea Moscatel reveal how businesses can thrive during the Coronavirus Crisis

Together, they founded Snob World, a luxury lifestyle and travel platform that caters to every wish of their upscale clients

Published: Apr 24, 2020 05:46:00 PM IST
Updated: Apr 24, 2020 06:32:57 PM IST

Co-Founders of Snob World Cole and Kelsea Moscatel reveal how businesses can thrive during the Coronavirus Crisis
With the entire country in a state of crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, it’s easy to believe that the American Dream is dead. But one celebrity couple is proving that it is, in fact, alive and well. Meet Cole and Kelsea Moscatel. At just 22-years old, Cole is a massively successful business tycoon who owns a plethora of companies that are not only surviving but thriving during the pandemic. His gorgeous wife Kelsea is a self-made businesswoman as well as a devoted wife and mother. Together, they founded Snob World, a luxury lifestyle and travel platform that caters to every wish of their upscale clients.

Q: Cole, you are a 22-year old who owns twenty different businesses. How did you get to this place at such a young age?

Cole: Simply put, it was not an easy journey. I had a tough childhood and a lot of hardships, but that is what shaped me into the boss I am today. How many people can you say started a business at 12 and went on to be a millionaire by the age of 20? I was born with the “results mentality.” I focus only on results. I am married to a supermodel and have a two-year old son, Zayden, who already has a career of his own. I am the definition of the “American Dream.” Today, we own several commercial real estate properties, drive-thrus, gas stations, factories, and debt collection offices, just to name a few. My wife and I are also the founders of Snob World, a luxury lifestyle platform that makes dreams come true. I have failed and picked back up more than you can imagine, but each and every one of those experiences were a lesson for me, and I would not be where I am today without them.

Q: How do you and your wife, Kelsea, manage all of your businesses having careers in fashion and the entertainment industries on top of it all?

Cole and Kelsea: We had a vision for every business we started. We turn that vision into a successful game plan, execute it, and have our team oversee it all. The first question you have to ask yourself is — do you understand how to read a Profit & Loss statement? If you can’t, then don’t waste your time starting a business until you have mastered that. Despite the fact that accounting can be very boring, without knowing how to crunch numbers, you will never succeed. Step 2 is dedication. You have to put in 1,000 percent to every business you own. On top of all the businesses we run, a typical week in our lives includes brand deals, brand promotions, photoshoots, shooting magazine covers, televised interviews — it’s a whirlwind to say the least. However, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The challenge is what keeps us going. The more we have going on, the more motivated we are to keep going for more. We have been very blessed to grow as a family and achieve all of this together. Not to mention, our two year old son’s weekly schedule consists of photoshoots, brand deals, and auditions — that is just an average week.

Q: Tell us more about your elite luxury lifestyle brand, Snob World.

Cole and Kelsea: Snob World is an empire that sells the dream. It’s like no other. From the one-percenters to the celebrities, we are the go-to for everything. Whether it's walking the red carpet at the Grammys or booking out an entire theme park, we can do it all. THERE IS NO REQUEST TOO BIG FOR US. Our in-depth knowledge and insider connections allow us to arrange access to places and events that even money cannot buy. We are also extraordinarily selective concerning who we partner with –– whether it be a client, an investor, or a partnership, we always make sure it makes sense for our brand.

Q: Another venture Snob World has to offer is Snob Health. Can you tell us more about what that is? 

Cole and Kelsea: What started off as requests for red carpets and exclusive experiences, quickly turned into a need for V.I.P. health services as soon as the Coronavirus pandemic broke out. We had celebrity doctors, tycoons, and movie directors reaching out to us for assistance. Overnight, we created something we are delighted to announce –– Snob Health. From providing thousands of medical supplies, to doing lab draws for patients in need, to daily house calls to celebs homes for Botox, fillers, and other beauty and wellness services, this was just another service added to our platform. Anything you can do at home, we can handle.

Q: Kelsea, tell us about your entrepreneurial story and how you manage your career?

Kelsea: My life is crazy, to put it mildly. I am a businesswoman, mother, and wife by day and a badass socialite with my husband by night. I am constantly creating and developing new ideas on how to grow all of our business ventures. In fact, I am in the midst of developing a makeup line for Snob World called Snob Face Cosmetics. Cole and I are currently perfecting a variety of products for the brand, and we are loving every moment of it. Being a mother to a toddler, a wife to my partner, and a businesswoman is a lot of work, but the reward of working with my family makes it all worthwhile.

Q: As a couple, what is your last piece of advice to young entrepreneurs?

Kelsea and Cole: Our biggest blessing is to be able to wake up next to each other and have a partnership that grows our career and businesses as a team. Go with the flow, meet in the middle if you reach a disagreement, and ALWAYS believe in each other. Looking back on where we started and where we are now is pretty phenomenal, and this is just the start of it. Don’t give up! Stay tuned as you watch Snob World grow into the empire we have always dreamed of, specializing in hospitality, real estate, entertainment, technology, and much more on a global level.

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