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Digital Entrepreneur Siddhant Thakran wants to keep moving forward

Siddhant began working in digital marketing and web development very early, after learning about the industry

Published: Aug 7, 2020 01:59:39 PM IST

Digital Entrepreneur Siddhant Thakran wants to keep moving forward
Digital Marketing is an excellent topic for today. Yes, you might say it is not possible to keep up with the changing circumstances and to understand the latest digital strategies for business growth. But not all think like that many are hustling around the internet and online world taking on all the changes in search engines.

To make a name as a digital marketer it’s not an easy job you have to showcase your own business to attract individuals and brands near you. We came across India’s Young Digital Marketer & Web Developer, Siddhant Kumar aka Siddhant Thakran.

Siddhant was just 10-year-old when he began learning in digital marketing & web development and started freelancing after 8years of freelance work he launched his own company “Webtenium Ventures Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.” Within the first year of his company’s launch, he had worked with your some favourite artists & celebrities. His work spiraled out of control and he got contracts to work with, Tara Prasad, Mohammad Samad, Milind Gaba etc.

He is running a successful digital marketing company name Widenium Digital from quite a long time. Started Entrepreneurial Journey Siddhant Thakran has come a long way from ordinary Digital Marketer to India’s Leading Digital Marketer & Consultant.

Now, Siddhant’s company consists of Widenium Digital(A Digital Agency Built for All) ,Waypreneur Magazine(News/Media), Recently Started-up with Posh18Network(Premium Influencer Marketing, Growth & Management Agency).

Talking about his work, Siddhant says, "I am as yet a newcomer. I am ravenous and I love my work. On the off chance that you are in an advanced world, you need to continue learning and you need to hustle ordinary. That is the reason I am as yet important."

Today, Siddhant helps newcomers in the field of digital marketing by sharing professional tips with them. He does so through live sessions on Instagram. His huge fan base on social media is another proof that he knows what he is doing. You can also follow him on Instagram : @thakransiddhant

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