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Dr. Varun Gupta: Delivering pathways and inspiration on perspective growth for individuals

Digital learning can help inspire digital marketers helping small-scale sectors to grow and expand themselves into a full-grown profit-earning enterprise

Published: Jan 29, 2021 03:03:03 PM IST
Updated: Jan 30, 2021 12:25:29 AM IST

Dr. Varun Gupta: Delivering pathways and inspiration on perspective growth for individuals
People fight for their dreams, work hard to achieve them, and out-limit themselves. A live example, a man who proved himself and stated that we are the only ones who put limits on ourselves, Dr. Varun Gupta.

Covid-19, something which none of us could even think about even in our wildest dreams, brought about hurricane waves turning our lives upside down, but this man, Dr. Varun Gupta has a very different view on this. Despite the pandemic making each one of us question our reality, he decided to bring about huge changes to his reality.

Using the pandemic to reach the heights, he decided to reach for himself; he worked hard, day in and day out. In many of the office letters or documents Dr Varun Gupta has received mentions from dignitaries like Hon. Shri Hansraj Hans, Member of Parliament Lok Sabha; Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe (Sen. International Governor of AUGP USA), Dr. Ricardo Saavedra (Director and Head of International Program Azteca University in Mexico), and many others wrote recommendations for him. The HDFC bank acknowledged him as 'our neighbourhood Hero' choosing him the goodwill ambassador of the climate action group.

Dr Varun Gupta was also a part of value education Olympiad 2020 by Iskcon Punjabi Bagh as lifetime member, has also put the limelight on global challenges:  technology and innovation, New age depression and on is natural healing amidst covid-19. In June, 2020 he was nominated as Chartered Global Peace Building Professional. He did the inauguration of Amishrit dairy and agro products at Gurgaon.

He also got interviewed in Business Africa online magazine June 2020 edition, got a mention from 'Life and more Plus on Twitter’ held online support campaign on vocal for local and got his views published in Swarnim Time and k-12 digest. He also got featured in many National and International publications recently.

Recently, he got prestigeous 40underForty 2020 Award as Top influential Corporate Leaders, and National Youth Golden Award 2020.

He is the author of the book “Leading with Negotiation Skill - The Untamed Skill” whose name was revealed in September 2020. The books itself got featured in many different platforms including Sunday Pioneer and Time bulletin in December 2020. He holds certification on publication from DRSR Journal. He got himself authenticated on IMDB and launched his book on Amazon Kindle in November 2020.

As one of his CSR initiative, he has announced 1,000 Scholarships for 100% Tuition Fee Waiver to deserving candidates for skill building job-oriented courses. The “Education for all” Scholarship program is designed to provide access to world class vocational training to the Youth to make them employable & to also help them in becoming Entrepreneurs.

When asked about what he wants to do for the climate, he stated that “Currently the world is in a very bad state of being and it can defiantly be worse. If we as humans can’t keep the place we live beautifully and are ungrateful for its mere existence then we as humans have forgotten all our humanity. As a human, I want to work more on restoring nature along with our human values which make us more humane.”

When asked about his views on digital education he responded “I have reached a place in my life where a lot of my dreams have come true but despite it all, I know that a lot of people do not have the privilege of what I have. I want to bring that privilege of learning no matter where you are or what you do despite one’s social status, making it available to all especially digitally so that everyone can gain knowledge in whichever field they want, wherever they want.”

“Digital learning will not only promote educated society but will also bring job opportunities to people making a complete cycle of giving and receiving, encouraging online projects to flourish and bring and give out more scholarships, thus helping the people to evolve and grow. Not only this, digital learning can help inspire digital marketing helping small-scale sectors to grow and expand themselves into a full-grown profit-earning enterprise.”

In Last, he also added best wishes to the students appearing in upcoming board exams.

Dr. Varun believes that we as people are the ones who will bring change and self-doubt is what stops us from attaining what is attainable. He has a vision to join hands with Atmanirbhar Bharat and is happy to share that he is already plucking the fruits of his visions towards entrepreneurship that he had in his plans.

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