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SpidervellA Technologies: The Best Ed-Tech Company for IT industrial training and skill development

SpidervellA Technologies provides end-to-end IT Industrial training to bridge the gap between academic institutions and industries

Published: Jan 29, 2021 02:55:55 PM IST
Updated: Jan 30, 2021 12:24:23 AM IST

SpidervellA Technologies: The Best Ed-Tech Company for IT industrial training and skill development
"Building Futuristic Techno Minds”

SpidervellA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Bengaluru-based Ed-Tech company, leading in IT training, enterprise learning services, IT Infrastructure Solutions, Cyber Security and Web Development solutions for information technology (IT) for job-seeking professionals.

SpidervellA Technologies provides end-to- end learning services and solutions that create a quantifiable path to improve performance and increase knowledge for enterprise customers around India.

SpidervellA Technologies is focused on meeting the growing need for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) expertise in both global and local markets. Providing its clients with IT Training, Corporate Training, IoT Solutions, Web Developmen, and Cyber Security Solutions.

SpidervellA also enables its clients to accelerate their business growth through more effective use of ICT in their respective industry domains.

SpidervellA Technologies is led by Mr. Akash Shrivastava (Managing Director), Mr. Sushil Kumar (CTO) and Ms. Nirmala Shetty (CEO).

Mr. Akash Shrivastava is an Ethical Hacker and an entrepreneur, having years of experience in different tech domains. His vision to change the educational system has motivated him to run an Ed-Tech company where candidates can be trained on innovative technologies and also bridge the gap between the educational institutions and industries. Mr. Shrivastava took the initiative by starting HackersvellA Program to create a cyber-army in India where digital information can be protected.

Mr. Sushil Kumar holds many years of experience in Cyber Security, IoT, and Data Science Technologies. He has successfully formed a group of young developers, getting the highest accolades for all their endeavors. He has a key role in developing the company’s strategies for using technological resources and ensuring that the technologies are used efficiently, profitably, and securely. His way of sharing the knowledge encourages the candidates and also helps them to take further steps for starting their own enterprises.

Ms. Nirmala Shetty is an entrepreneur and aims to build effective strategies for women’s economic empowerment by applying a holistic and integrated approach; “Holistic” in considering the broader conditions necessary for women’s advancement and “integrated” in leveraging the full set of businesses assets a company can deploy. This approach builds on a growing body of evidence demonstrating the importance of addressing systematic and structural barriers to gender equality for women to achieve their full economic potential. She is also leading the Aviation program in SpidervellA Aviation Academy and inspires the young aspirants of aviation, hospitality, and the travel industry.

SpidervellA Technologies is leading in all the following IT domains; HackersvellA - A Journey from a Noob to Become a PRO; SpiderMation -; IT Industrial Training; and Aviation Training to enhance the technical skills required in the current Industries and to enable them to become the entrepreneurs.

HackersvellA - A Journey From a Noob To Become a PRO: it’s a year’s full-fledged training program which is one of India’s Biggest Bug Bounty Training and equips the candidates to secure the digital information by finding the bugs and flaws in Network, Web applications, Mobile Apps and security reports. HackersvellA’s candidates emerge as cyber-security teams who work together to secure the digitals and defend the organizations from cyber-attacks.

SpiderMation- SpidervellA offers career and professional training in areas including animation, VFX, gaming, web designing, graphic designing, UI-UX, digital advertising, marketing, and multimedia. SpiderMation is designed to transform students to successfully creating professionals.

IT Industrial Training – SpidervellA Technologies provides end-to-end IT Industrial training to bridge the gap between academic institutions and industries.

 Nowadays, it is very much required to bridge the gap between academia and industry in order to address the evolving demands of the IT industry. It is very important for a candidate to understand the current industries requirement in the following domains like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security, full-stack development, and many more.

Accordingly, SpidervellA has designed this Industrial Training / Internship Program with a more practical and dynamic approach that explores the industrial work culture, develops skills, and to makes the candidate industry-ready.

SpidervellA Aviation Academy - SpidervellA Aviation Academy aims at bringing the world to you by providing courses that are globally recognized. SpidervellA also provides Industry oriented, professional training and skill development in Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel. It focuses on nurturing and developing young aspirants and empowering them by paving the way to great careers. SpidervellA Aviation Academy has designed fun and exciting programs for high paying jobs in the Aviation and Hospitality industry.

SpidervellA Technologies Focuses on quality education and training which takes them ahead to shape their future career and also to provide the best technical solutions to their clients.

SpidervellA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. also has been awarded as the Best Ed-Tech start-up enterprise in India.

All details about SpidervellA Technologies can be found on its website  and for more information, you can send an email at

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