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Entrepreneur Ariz Shaikh Launches Vaamoz; a lifestyle services, packages and deals app

He is a true inspiration for those who feel low because they lack in their education qualification

Published: Feb 5, 2020 11:06:46 AM IST
Updated: Feb 5, 2020 03:16:37 PM IST

Entrepreneur Ariz Shaikh Launches Vaamoz; a lifestyle services, packages and deals app
Ariz Shaikh, a 26-year-old visionary businessman with boundless potential of expanding his business. He is a goal oriented and sporting individual. Ariz is the main person behind Vaamoz. It’s an upcoming application which specializes in lifestyle services.

He is an inspiration for those who feel low because they lack in their education qualification. He is an example for those who have lost hopes of their career. He is in the business field from last 5 years where he helped his father in his business of residential & commercial interiors. Travelling and fitness has been in his blood right from the time he was at school in Panchgani. The time I met him, he had plans to visit Greece in the following weeks. Getting to know different cultures, tasting new delicacies, meeting new people is something he enjoys.

His main idea behind Vaamoz is to provide those services which everyone can utilise and take benefit out of it. He says, “I want to provide high end services to those who think twice before stepping out. I want that everyone can go to a five star or four star hotels and take a spa, dine in, have a good swim. I want to spread the joy and happiness to all.” Vaamoz in Portuguese means 'Let's Go’.

Vaamoz is a mobile application based on the O2O model. It connects restaurants, hotels, spas, salons, fitness centres, clubs, theme parks, etc. with end customers. Customers can look out for the best deals and purchase the Packages and services and then redeem it later at the store. For now  Vaamoz provides five lifestyle services those are: Food, Salon, Spa, Fitness and Activities. He even said “More amazing and exciting services will be added in the coming months.”

It is a one stop shop for all. On asking what makes it different than the numerous other players in this market, he pointed out the following relevant points, startups focus on getting more and more users onboard. This is correct but all their efforts are directly driven towards this objective. Research & Development mainly focuses on delivering a good product in the hands of these users. Very little attention is given to the needs of vendors who actually help in delivering the experience to the end users. This is where Vaamoz has innovated. Vaamoz main aim is vendor satisfaction. Ariz said, “Without our vendors we can't grow and our main aim is Vendor Satisfaction”. Vaamoz’s Tagline is #YouGrowWeGrow.

Vendors are equally important in this model and Vaamoz is ahead in every aspect to make it an amazing experience for all our Vendors. They have developed a platform for vendors to manage their services with Vaamoz. This platform will ensure that vendors are kept well informed about what they are selling and at what price. Also to provide equal opportunity to all, a platform to promote their services has been designed.

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