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Entrepreneur Mohammed Shakaoat Values Teamwork More Than Anything

Shakaoat believes customer service is the secret to scaling any business

Published: Aug 6, 2020 12:39:50 PM IST

Entrepreneur Mohammed Shakaoat Values Teamwork More Than Anything
Entrepreneur Mohammed Shakaoat, 28, knows better than anyone that teamwork is the key to growing a successful business.

“When a group of individuals work together, they promote a far more efficient work output due to many diverse minds working towards one central goal,” he says.

Shakaoat believes customer service is the secret to scaling any business.

“If you look at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Tesla, they spend $0 in marketing because of their client’s positive customer service experience,” he says. “All of their business travels by word of mouth.”

Shakaoat encourages employees to value communication and teamwork in order to improve work relationships and their collective quality of work. He believes team building activities help develop stronger communication and collaboration between staff members.

Shakaoat assembles his team by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, keeping employees informed and involved, and clearly defining their roles.

“I always consider team aspects when running my businesses like recognizing the value of diversity, extending support for staff beyond business, and making sure my team knows that I value them,” says Shakaoat.

He believes establishing a solid corporate culture allows him to focus on tasks generating more income rather than low-income tasks caused by staff disputes.

“I treat everyone from my team like family and always encourage them to do their best because they are the reason why my businesses can grow and be successful,” he says.

When times get tough, Shakaoat reminds his employees that running a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

“Every business will have its ups and downs; It's bound to happen but having a plan and remaining calm can make things easier,” Shakaoat says. “Use the negative times as a learning experience and move forward.”

Shakaoat’s positive mindset is aided by early-morning meditation.

“It helps me clear my mind and set the mood for the rest of my day,” he says. 

In Shakaoat’s life, mental health and well-being will always come first. He says an unhealthy well-being or mindset will reflect poorly in his performance, and he works every day to keep his quality of work to the highest standard possible. He says eating healthy and getting the necessary amount of sleep helps him stay productive.

While busy with his numerous businesses like Project WiFi (@Projectwifi), and ATM Academy (@atm__Academy), Shakaoat still has plenty of time to do what he loves. He often travels and visit friends and family. He credits this freedom to the joy of being his own boss and choosing his own schedule.

If you’d like to follow Shakaoat’s journey, feel free to follow him on Instagram.

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