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Fueling 'Make in India': vivo plans to start exporting smartphones from India this year

Let's look into the brand's ethos and its design-driven spirit to understand the future it is aiming to build with time

Published: Feb 24, 2022 04:24:30 PM IST

Fueling 'Make in India': vivo plans to start exporting smartphones from India this yearvivo, the prominent global smartphone manufacturer, has reiterated its commitment to India by announcing measurable steps and strategies to scale its manufacturing, thus strengthening its footprint in India. vivo, a leading technology company creates great products based on a design-driven value. For years now, the brand has been bringing to the market smart devices, keeping intelligent services as its core. The company is always aiming to build a bridge between humans and the digital world through its innovative approach and world-class products.

Through unique originality, vivo provides users with an increasingly fitting mobile and digital life. Following the company’s design-driven core values it is known to create a steady user-orientation, continuous learning and team spirit. Over the years vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy with the vision of developing the brand into a healthier, more sustainable world-class corporation.

Standing true to its ethos

Keeping the brand values and the penchant for growth in mind the brand has stated its new plans for production and business for 2022. In an effort to further the sustainable initiatives, the company has released it’s first-ever India Impact Report 2021. This report highlights vivo’s steadfast commitment to the country and brings to the front the difference it is already creating and planning to create for the growing Indian population. This report also brings to the front vivo’s employment initiatives and how it provides direct and indirect employment opportunities to around 1.4 lakh Indians. It has already created a vast socio-economic impact on the lives of 1.6 million Indians. Furthermore, the company has also made a complete impact on its retail partners by providing 20% growth in Average Selling Price (ASP), resulting in a 2.5 times growth in the retailer’s average sales value per month.

The report also mentions how the company has notably built a robust distribution of around 70000 retail partners and more than 1000 distributors (98% of which are Indians). To further strengthen its footprint in India the brand has announced that it will export ‘Made in India’ smartphones from India this year.

Making India proud

In order to action its India-export plan, vivo had proposed to invest Rs.7500 crore to set up the manufacturing in the country. The company is expected to complete the investment of Rs.3500 crore by 2023 to make the second phase of investment complete. In addition to that, the company will increase local sourcing of components like chargers and displays. Together the plan works towards making India and its manufacturing base for vivo stronger in each step and it helps the brand create a strong foothold in the country.

vivo entered the Indian market in 2014, since then the company has witnessed a steady run in the Indian smartphone market. Over the years, vivo has held a substantial market share in mainline retail, which has reached the 25% mark in 2021. vivo believes in delivering world-class premium experience through its products and when designing these innovative products, the always keep the customer at the centre of every decision. The company has had an enriching and fruitful journey in India since the last 7 years, which it is trying to further strengthen through the new plans and initiatives.

Being a technology focused brand, customer-centric approaches and creating a line of products that helps add value to customer expectations is what vivo aims to develop every walk of the way. The brand always has an eye on success, but never by compromising at the ground level. They are always a ‘customer first’ company, whose business portfolio is built keeping the customer and their needs in mind. More than being highly imaginative and innovative with products, they are always eyeing to make the products justify the usage of the customer and their needs. It is simplicity that is at the heart of every endevour and the company counts in their customer strength as the blessing they have earned, which they know helps them grow with more courage and power.

Customer first approach

Alongside the customer, vivo has also over the years fueled the India economy, tremendously. The India Impact Report justifiably hints at the noteworthy impact that the brand has made to the Indian lives. However, what’s interesting is that the contributions has always been aligned to the Make in India initiative. So, keeping true to this baseline of thought, the company has greatly benefited the entire stakeholder economy, including employees, customers and partners. What started with building the brand’s growth story, has now translated into becoming an undying growth story for the entire ecosystem and is inching towards becoming India’s growth story.

Propelled by vivo, this story is empowering the country’s manufacturing backbone and is ready to add more power to its own production capacity as well. The company is aiming to scale its manufacturing capacity to touch 120 million units annually in India. A market leader, vivo is not ready to lose sight on the future and creation of opportunities is high on their radar, as the company progresses to build its robust capacity in the country.

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