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Gilco Global: Offering building mobility solutions with the latest technology

First lift manufacturer in the world which is certified in ECO-DESIGN (ISO 14006) and has a presence in over 100 countries

Published: Feb 5, 2020 03:04:15 PM IST
Updated: Feb 12, 2020 12:46:15 PM IST

Gilco Global: Offering building mobility solutions with the latest technology
Gilco-Global is the Indian arm of European Elevator major Orona Group which is based out of Spain. Orona has the No 1 Production Facility in Europe and has a presence in over 100 countries! 1 in every 10 new lifts in Europe is an Orona. Orona is amongst world leaders in this sector and has already over 250,000 references across 100+ countries in the world. It is also the first company to be certified under Eco-design (ISO 14006). Gilco Global extends the philosophy and quality of ORONA in India and is currently strongly present in India for over 6 years now rendering its customer with a high quality product and service both.

ORONA is a business group with more than fifty years of experience integrating 30 companies in Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium. Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, and Brasil, employing more than 5,000 people.

ORONAs activity is focused on the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and modernization of mobility solutions such as lifts, escalators and moving walkways for all sectors of application, from residential through to commercial, health and medical, heritage buildings, heavy loads, etc. , always from an integral service perspective.

ORONA is a cooperative experience in a constant transformation process, globally integrated, committed to social, energetic and environmental challenges, which innovate to make eco-cities a reality in a sustainable context and to create wealth and generate value in its environment.

The Orona 3G X-10, X-15 and X-16 solutions have achieved Class AAA energy certification under the VDI 4707 guideline in all five established usage categories. This is the top energy rating that a lift can be awarded.

ORONA in figures:

●      1 out of every 10 new lifts in Europe is Orona.

●      More than 100 countries have Orona products installed.

●      250,000 lifts worldwide with Orona technology

●      Number 1 in Europe in terms of the capacity for producing complete lift systems

●      Two production plants in Europe

●      5,000+ professionals with a high service vocation

●      First company in the sector worldwide certified in Eco-design - ISO 14006

First lift manufacturer in the world which is certified in ECODESIGN ISO14006

Orona is the first lift manufacturer in the world which is certified under ECODESIGN, ISO14006 (ISO standards aim to improve product quality in an environmentally positive way). ORONA elevators can achieve maximum energy rating (A) in BREEM through low-consumption drive systems using gearless elevators, low-consumption electronic equipment, efficient lighting using LED, automatic car lighting switches off, and elevator stand-by mode.

Orona has become the world's first company in the elevator sector awarded with Eco-design certification.

ORONA’s strategy, from Zero Energy Lifts to Zero Energy Buildings

The Orona Ideo lifts have an energy storage system that has the lift itself as the central element, storing energy that comes from the lift and from renewable energy sources to revert it to the different energy consumption elements in the building.

Zero Energy Buildings

The Orona Zero building at Orona Ideo – innovation city is a ZEB (Zero Energy Building), a building with a net-zero consumption thanks to the energy produced by means of the photovoltaic panels integrated on its inclined roof.

G3A, Advanced applications group in electrical energy storage

The G3A advanced applications group in electrical energy storage arose within the context of the new activities that will be carried out at Orona Ideo. The group includes highly qualified professionals from Orona, IK4-Ikerlan and Mondragon Unibertsitatea. G3A is a clear example of Orona’s long-term commitment to energy regeneration systems with storage, which will be used to achieve maximum energy efficiency in lifts.

The VDI 4707 guideline evaluates a lift's energy consumption when it is in standby mode as well as when it is operating. In usage, category 1, low traffic, consumption in stand-by mode is given more importance. In category 5, very high traffic, consumption during operation is given more importance. The Orona 3G solutions have achieved Class A certification in both situations and in all usage categories, which confirms the high levels of energy efficiency achieved by the lifts in standby mode as well as during operation.

The Class AAA ratings have been achieved with installations where the Orona 3G solutions possessed the following characteristics and options:

  1. Gearless drive
  2. Automatic stand-by for car lighting, ventilation, displays, and actuator
  3. The LED lighting in car
  4. Orona Grid regen energy regeneration system
The installations were examined and certified by the prestigious entity Liftinstituut B.V., Europe's foremost specialized safety authority for lifts and other equipment used for vertical transport of people and goods.

Mr. Aman Moudgil, Director at Gilco Global talks about the milestones. 

“First and foremost, we are a 100% in-house European product. In fact, we boast of having the biggest complete lift production facility in all of Europe wherein we can manufacture around 150 elevators per day.

Secondly, we are the first lift manufacturer in the world which is certified in ECODESIGN ISO14006, therefore all our offerings are Energy efficient to the best standards in the world.

Thirdly & one of the biggest strengths is that we are the best when it comes to space planning and we can tailor-make a solution as per the shaft size convenient to our customers. Also, we are flexible in our door heights which can be in multiples of 100mm. The same is for our Car size which can be tailored to a millimeter level. Our Lift Cars are EN 81 certified, which is one of the strictest elevator standards in the world with high emphasis on passenger comfort & safety. We being a total in-house manufacturing setup have better quality control/ Quality assurance of our product(s).

Fourthly, we are also the CHEAPEST in terms of MAINTENANCE COST. Also, due to our energy efficient design, the running costs for our lifts are highly efficient to our customer’s pocket.

Fifthly, we have a huge array of Interior Finishes: We boast a huge range of interior finishes for our lifts with materials ranging from SS hairline finish, to vandal-proof finishes in leatherette and elephant skin textures, High pressure & compact laminates in a wide range of colors shades (ranging from plain colors to wooden finishes) and even colored/ patterned SS finishes. Our SS is of 441 grade. We have a huge array of choices for flooring solutions ranging from chequered aluminum, SS, Vinyl finishes of a wide range of shades/textures. We also offer solutions like frameless glass doors and panoramic glass lifts. The best part is that a customer can customize the interiors of a cabin according to their choices.

We have a rich experience in tailoring comprehensive solutions for buildings where fitting an elevator inside a building is next to impossible. Also, we have solutions for erecting elevators on the building facades (you can, therefore, have an elevator even if you don't have a shaft in your building). We have solutions & references of pitless & head roomless elevators which can be fitted into buildings with no lift provision. This is a major strong point which has enabled ORONA to integrate elevators into architectural environments with high historical value, and with minimal impact on the building.”

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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