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Global fitness enthusiast Arnold Vosloo talks about his fitness journey

Arnold juggles easily between work, passion and profession. Besides being a weightlifter, he is a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Uber and Airbnb

Published: Nov 29, 2019 03:43:21 PM IST
Updated: Nov 29, 2019 04:33:06 PM IST

Global fitness enthusiast Arnold Vosloo talks about his fitness journey
It is said that health is the real wealth, which is the most important factor in a human’s life. Arnold Vosloo is a game changer in the field of health and fitness who is an inspirational force to many people of the world today. A 6 feet 2-inch tall man who weighs 250 lbs can make any girl or woman fall for his charm and good looks.

After getting his degree in logistics, he made a shift in his career and decided to get into fitness and bodybuilding. His hard work and dedication finally made a way for him when he participated and won laurels in various events including the European Championship and IFBB Pro League. Besides being a weightlifter, Arnold is a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Uber and Airbnb where he generates his most of the income from. In a candid interaction, the fitness icon opened up about his life and much more.

Q: What inspired you to get into the fitness industry?
A: I played rugby professionally after school and when that came to an end, I had to find a new purpose that boosted my competitive spirit. I wanted to challenge myself at every level of life. I tried with lifting weights and realised that my body responds really well. That’s when I decided to make my career in fitness and become a weightlifter.

Q: If not fitness, what was your alternate career plan?
A: Probably a full-time entrepreneur. I have multiple businesses currently that stimulate me in between fitness and bodybuilding. I also believe that you should have something to fall back on in case you get injured or want a transition and change into something else.

Q: Who is your inspiration in life?
A: It has to be my brother and my mom. They are determined business people and are successful in everything they do along with a work ethic second to none. The most important thing I have learnt from them is discipline and that is the reason behind my success today.

Q: What is that one myth you have heard the most about fitness?
A: Well, there are many (laughs). The funniest one I heard was that a person’s height stops to grow if he starts working out before the age of 18. The other myth, which I am tired of hearing, is that carbs make you fat.

Q: What kind of diet does Arnold Vosloo follow?
A: I follow a well-balanced diet. Nothing is in excess and my diet has all macronutrients covered. I keep my biggest meals around workouts, as I believe nutrition is vital in these times. In addition, I keep myself hydrated and drink lots of water in an entire day.

Q: Any special advice for fitness enthusiasts?
A: If you dream about it, better go for it. Don’t do what others are doing. Do what you are passionate about. Make your career as your passion and there’s nobody who can stop you from achieving your dreams. Do it for the love of the sport. If you are in it for money and fame, then you are playing the wrong game.

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