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HelloVeeru: A course that's changing the digital market, one student at a time

The belief behind Helloveeru still being the top training platforms in the market is the support behind it

Published: Jan 5, 2021 01:06:13 PM IST
Updated: Jan 5, 2021 06:47:39 PM IST

Creating an impact in people’s life is a dream for many, but some, make it a reality. They usually call them teachers or trainers. These are the people who selflessly halt their own career growth to see their pupils fulfill their dreams. There’s always that one teacher or one trainer in everyone’s life that inspires, everyone’s got one.

Teachers happen to be the roots of game changers, the people behind the curtains driving up the change for the world. It’s terribly difficult helping people be the game changers because the game seems to change for the worse. Thankfully, some of the trainers refuse to give up. They dream to fulfill other’s dreams and they stop at nothing. One among those chosen trainers is Veerander Chowdary popularly known as HelloVeeru.

What is HelloVeeru?

Helloveeru is an online training platform that trains students on digital marketing. Someone could simply write one sentence and finish the whole article and honestly, this should be it. But Helloveeru is different. It makes people wonder about the value of teaching and in these times and honestly, everyone needs to know about it.

The best part about Helloveeru is that it wants to help students with passion, Veerander believes in helping the students who need him and he’s been doing it since the course has launched. He has been giving his premium course for free so the students can take advantage and start their journeys without having to worry about money.


It all started with an idea to teach students the real digital marketing. The industry is known to change everyday and the main focus of Veerander Chowdary is to prepare his students for the change. Anyone can learn digital marketing from anywhere but what nobody prepares one is for the change and how to deal with it.

He was not prepared for the change when it started but he wants the next generation of marketers to be prepared and be ready with a comeback every time the market changes. And that’s how their very famous DBA course came into existence, with an idea to help the students with passion and prepare them for the worst and make them the best.


The success of the course shows in it’s dashboard. In mere 5 months of its launch, the course has more than 1 Lakh students in it’s dashboard. Most of the students who followed the curriculum are already walking down the path of success. And the success of Veerander Chowdary looks upon the success of his students.

Like any idea, this course does have it’s own share of setbacks. This course did not start with an idea to become commercial, the only course behind it was to have a course that truly trains students without taking so much money from them.

This intention however, had to face some setbacks because of the costs that went behind managing it, and looking after the students requirements. Veerander Chowdary and his team backed up, though. The team believes in being creative and they came up with creative ways to not hurt themselves and their students financially. Their ideas and Veerander’s implementation has now taught thousands of students on digital marketing for free by now.


The belief behind Helloveeru still being the top training platforms in the market is the support behind it. Veerander believes that the support team behind is the reason students trust the course enough to pay for it. They have various platforms of support other than just email.

Veerander Chowdary himself interacts with his students to ensure that a student request or a course query is never ignored. The importance he gives to their students is the reason their humble beginnings are reaching greater heights.


Veerander Chowdary, the mind and soul behind Helloveeru owes all of it to his students. He believes in being thankful and for Helloveeru, he says he is thankful for the students

The course first launched in June 2020, in the middle of a pandemic when the world was struggling to keep their jobs with them. This course has given people an option to sustain in the worst of situations and not worry about going hungry.

He hoped to save at least one family from going hungry but now, 5 months after the course launched, there are people with promising careers in their favorite fields, earning enough to not just save their families but become stable financially. And if you need some more inspiration...

Here is a word from Veerander chowdary to all the dreamers “The world is changing, not just in Digital marketing but everywhere. Be prepared for it, do not let your dreams fall prey to the change in your field. Stay strong and take the losses, you will see your dream become a reality. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it”.

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